Do You Stress About The Number On The Scale?

I wanted to post something on fitness. It has been awhile since I did so. There are a lot of people who get frustrated with their journey because of the scale. “I worked out hard last week and only lost two pounds”  or  “I watched what I ate but I gained weight.”

Here is my life in 24 hours.  I didn’t log my bathroom visits, didn’t want to give too much information. I did drink about 150 ounces of water and 16 ounces of milk so let’s say I lost in the bathroom what I drank during the day.

Here is what I would like everyone to take from this. Do not pay attention to the numbers on the scale. As you will see they vary greatly through out the day. Yes, you can weigh yourself each morning at the same time but more like once a week is enough. Listen to your body. How do you feel? Are your clothes looser or tighter?  Muscle weighs more than fat so you can be healthier and your clothes looser and you feel better even though the scale doesn’t show you lost any weight.

I did find it interesting that eating, or drinking, a healthy shake, a decent lunch and good dinner verse eating cookies and milk that the weight gains were comparable. I don’t know about you but I would rather eat a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs and gain 1.2 lbs verse eating three cookies and a glass of milk for the same weight gain of 1.2 lbs.

Morning weigh in at 0700.


Drank 8 oz of water, do this every morning to get your body re-hydrated.  Weigh in at 0715.


Ran 4.5 miles at 0800.  Notice the immediate weight loss.  I did not sweat 2.6 pounds off in 4.5 miles.  Benefits of exercise.


After shower at 0840.  Notice I either lost another .4 pounds in dirt I had on me -not, or the benefits of exercise are still showing. After you exercise, your metabolism and all that is still going, hours after you are done.


0850 -After morning shake. Arbonne vanilla protein with added chia seeds, Arbonne Greens Balance, and Arbonne Fiber Boost and Digestion Plus,  1 tablespoon peanut butter, 2 ounces of oatmeal, a squirt of honey


1000,  after meeting at church for Temple Fit. Exciting news for the children.


1200, before lunch. Keep in mind I have been drinking water all morning.



After lunch at 1215.   1.2 lbs of spaghetti and meatballs with water to drink.


1245 before going Putt-Putting.


1500 (3 pm)  after playing putt-putt.  Just walking around for almost two hours and lost 1.6 lbs.  Also drank 16 oz of water during this time. Benefits of exercise and just moving around instead of sitting on couch.


1700 ( 5 Pm) after mowing the yard.  Drinking water also.  Lost more weight from being active.


1840 ( 640 Pm) Before dinner.   Drank lots of water.



1900 (7 Pm)  After dinner and 8 ounces of milk


2115 ( 915 Pm) Before 3 cookies and 8 ounce cup of milk. Notice still lost weight from previous weigh in. Body still burning calories from being active.


2120 ( 920 Pm)  after cookies and milk.   Notice after just 3 cookies and a glass of milk I gained 1.2 lbs.  With dinner of a half plate of salad and 1/2 plate of cheesy chicken bake and the same 8 oz glass of milk  I gained 1.8 lbs.  Now, what would you rather eat ?


2200 ( 10 Pm)  Did a quick circuit, 20 push ups, 20 sit ups, 20 jumping jacks, 20 mountain climbers, 20 lunges to get rid of the cookies I just ate.  Lost .6 lbs .  Exercise, movement.  It changes the body.


The next morning after 8 hours sleep.  1.6 lbs lighter than yesterday morning.  I was active all day yesterday and ate well, minus the cookies – which I did to prove a point- and decent proportions.  Benefits show up.

Now if you are constantly weighing yourself you can see how you can go crazy.  Your weight will vary throughout the day, or even from day to day depending on what you eat and drink and how active you are. A good goal is to lose 2-3 lbs per week and stay consistent.

Be active and watch what you eat and quit stressing over the number on the scale.

Rob Nevins, The Scale Lies, Trust Your Size –  

Temple Fit (To Fat To Fit)

Have any of you seen the show Fit to Fat to Fit on A&E channel?  We started watching it four or five weeks ago. If you haven’t seen the show let me recap it for you and explain why I am writing about it and what we can learn from it.

The shows premise is that many trainers can’t relate to overweight people and that is why there sometimes can be a disconnect between trainer and trainee. The trainer thinks trainee is overweight because they are lazy or have no initiative or just don’t care enough about themselves to make healthy food choices. (Note: This isn’t all trainers. My wife isn’t like that.)

For the first 16 weeks the trainer gains as much weight as they can, so far it has been anywhere from 40 -70 pounds. They also can not work out during that 16 weeks. They are having to eat 6-10000 calories a day to gain the weight. At first most of them are okay with it. They get to eat foods they never eat, donuts, fast food, deserts, etc., and eat it in big portions. I am talking like a table full of food.  I don’t see how they can keep it down, and some do struggle. They go out with friends drinking and eating late at night.  What is amazing is how fast they lose what they had and how long it takes to get it back. During the 16 weeks the show shows the emotional, physical, and mental toil gaining all this weight takes on the trainers. Many quit playing with their kids or spending time with their spouses because they have no energy or think they don’t deserve it because of how they look. They get depressed and some have had to go to the doctor because of high blood pressure or heart troubles,  all in 16 weeks.

The next 16 weeks the trainers and trainees start working out together to lose weight and learn how to make healthy eating choices.  The trainers talk about how hard it is to break the bad habits. They crave the bad food they were eating. They didn’t think it would be that hard to quit eating bad and get back into shape. They now know what it is like to be overweight and to have to lose the weight and make the right choices.

Why am I writing about it? Because it shows how easy it is to make bad choices and how hard it is to break them once you start.  How easy it is to bust your butt to get healthy and just a couple weeks of bad choices can take it all away. It is a daily choice to make to be healthy. You will have setbacks but don’t let one bad day turn into two or three. These trainers see how addictive bad food is. Why is it? Because food companies spend millions and millions of dollars to see how food affects a person and your brain and they put ingredients in it to get you addicted. All for the mighty dollar. Just think what they could do with those millions of dollars to make our food how God made it to be, clean, natural, organic.

Working out is hard. You have to get mentally there before you can get physically there. The hardest step is always the first. There are days I don’t feel like working out or running but my mental note is once I put the shoes on, I am doing it. For you it may be just getting out of bed and saying I am going to do something today. Even if it is just ten push-ups or walk around the house twenty times.  Maybe it’s to do jumping jacks during commercials, get off the couch. Eat an apple instead of a cookie. Grab a handful of grapes instead a handful of M&M’s – my enemy.



Don’t give up. Every day make small changes that will add up to big lifetime changes over time. Give it time. Make clear, specific goals. It doesn’t have to be about weight. It can be about not buying junk food this week. Or to be a one size smaller. Or to lose 10 lbs. by March 12th.  Then once you hit those goals, make new ones.

The most powerful change you will see is the change inside you. The voice in your head that goes from you can’t to you can. Every little step will give you confidence to take the next step.

On Top Of The World by Imagine Dragons – 

Keep Your Head Up by Andy Grammer – 

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Best Day Of My Life by American Authors – 

Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) by Kelly Clarkson – 

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Overcomer by Mandisa – 

Not Afraid by Eminem – 

Fight Song by Rachel Platten – 

Temple Fit Tip – Show Up Everyday


I haven’t posted in awhile about Temple Fit. I don’t know why. Maybe I was feeling who am I? I am not an expert. I do know how things work, the things I wrote about earlier like getting enough sleep, what you are putting in your bodies- food and medicine-, drinking enough water, portion sizes, etc..

Four weeks into the new year, how are you holding up on your resolutions to be active, lose weight?  By this point in time, most people have given up on their resolutions. It’s easier to fall back into old habits instead of establishing new habits. I personally think if your resolution is to be active and lose weight you should start in March when you have better weather. Then once 12 weeks are up and you have new habits, it will be easier to keep them through the summer. If you start in January and are doing awesome then a big snowstorm hits or you get sick and you miss a couple days, boom, you are back into old habits. Remember, you didn’t get this way overnight. You won’t get back to being healthy overnight.  It takes time, it is a process, you have to stick with it everyday.

My tip for this week is to just show up everyday. Make small changes to show up everyday. There are days you won’t feel like being active or eating healthy but you have to defeat that voice in your head. This week has been rough for me and my wife and some of our runner friends. We don’t know if it is the full moon or what but when all of us can run half marathons and marathons and we struggle to do a seven mile run something is up. I stopped after two miles. However, I did do push ups, pull ups and sit ups. I just couldn’t get into it and I didn’t want to risk another injury. My wife stopped three times on her seven mile run. Just wasn’t feeling it.  However, she did finish it. My point: Even if it wasn’t the best day, we showed up. We did something and we didn’t dwell on it. The next day we went out and ran again and had a better day.

You can’t get anywhere if you don’t start.  You won’t get any results if you don’t show up and do something.

We had a weight loss challenge at work and I would like to share with you what the winner said. He lost 30 lbs. in 12 weeks.

You probably know that during our Arctic “Biggest Loser” contest, I lost 30 pounds in 12 weeks. This is how I did it: I decided to. Simple, I decided to. Simple, not to be confused with Easy. But the irrefutable truth is you will not lose excess weight until you decide to.

Everyone has to decide on their own when they are going to get healthier. My circumstances are not your circumstances, but maybe you will see some common ground.

I did not decide to lose weight when I needed to lose 10 pounds. Or 20. Or 25. Around the beginning of July, I weighed the most I had ever weighed. My blood work numbers, while not alarming, were going in the wrong direction. Considering my Family History, this did not bode well. For these chronic conditions, most Doctors want to give you pills. Doctors are busy, and know a couple of simple truths: pills do not make you healthier, they merely slow the decline of your health. But most people will take a pill, while very few people will change their lifestyle. So Doctors give you pills, and move on to their next patient.

Instead, I finally decided to lose weight and make other lifestyle changes. Simple, not easy.

I am NOT telling you to ignore your doctor. I managed to convince mine that I was serious about lifestyle changes. He told me to look into the research of Doctor Dean Ornish. Along the way I also looked into some of the diet ideas of Dr. Joel Fuhrman. Last week I was looking for some recipes, and came across a new book, VB6, by my favorite food author, Mark Bittman. Low and behold, the forward was written by Dr. Ornish, and it nicely encapsulates and expands upon the conversation I had with my doctor. This is the biggest reason I wanted to share this with you; finding that convergence seems very Serendipitous, and I have attached that forward and strongly encourage you to read it.

I am not pretending to be a doctor or know what is best for you. But I know this: You have to decide. My motivations are my own, but everybody has a reason. Do you want to feel better? Have more energy, or less pain? Do you want to be healthier; for your spouse, your kids, your grand-kids? Do you dread the idea of waking up in the hospital and wondering if you waited too long, if it is too late to change?

I’ve lost weight before only to gain it back, so my journey continues. But it didn’t even begin until I decided it was time to start.


My Body by Young The Giant – 

It’s Up To You Motivation – 

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Be Hungry (Fight For It) Motivation – 

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Temple Fit Tip Of The Week 10/28

As always, let’s start off with a review.

Week 1 : Drink more water, less sugary drinks.                                                             Week 2: eat less by using smaller plates.                                                                              Week 3:  Move, just be active. Don’t have time, work out during commercials.  Week 4 : have the courage to start. It takes guts to say you don’t want to be unhealthy anymore and to take that first step.                                                                     Week 5 : Sleep. Sleep has many benefits to a healthy lifestyle.

This week I turned to a friend of ours, Dr. Deanna Osborne, to help me out on what we put in our bodies and how it affects your health. A little about Deanna :

Dr. Deanna Osborn graduated from Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, is a board certified family practice physician and has completed the coursework leading to a Functional Medicine Fellowship. When as a young mother and physician she was struggling with serious medical issues, her field held no answers for restoring her health.  Faced with her own health dilemma, Dr. Deanna discovered the importance of hormone balance, nutritional healing, and how simple lifestyle changes could restore her health. Dr. Deanna has proven that if you give the body what it needs or is lacking, it will heal itself. Today she practices part time in the area of Functional Medicine, specializing in bioidentical hormone balance, whole body detoxification, and the  reversal of inflammation within the body.

I checked out her website and have posted these two blogs with her permission. If you have a chance to purchase her book and learn more about natural foods and medicines for your health, I would highly recommend it.

Why would I recommend it?

Today’s doctors are so busy they spend less than eight minutes with each patient. While studies have shown that patient satisfaction and outcomes suffer, and inappropriate prescribing increases when doctors spend less time with their patients, there may be even longer-term repercussions of such hurried interactions.The American health care system is all business. Unfortunately, the industry values treatment over prevention and drugs over lifestyle changes. The end result for patients isn’t ideal, as they end up taking more and more drugs to treat an illness, without addressing its root cause. For example, many of America’s most deadly diseases, like diabetes and cardiovascular disease, are largely caused by poor diet.

Let’s not get me talking about our foods we eat. I have mentioned in other posts about GMO’s and food ingredients that the United States FDA allows to be put in our foods but are banned in other countries around the world. In order to keep this post shorter, I will leave it at that.

It’s More Than Genes

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I often hear the argument, “Well, Grandma never took supplements and she lived to be 95.” This is based on the false hypothesis that your health depends entirely on your genetic make-up. So, if Grandma was healthy, you will be too. Yes, your genes matter, but the trigger points for chronic illness such as diabetes and heart disease are clearly directed by what you are feeding your body. And it is a fact that the food your Grandma fed her body is no longer widely available to you. Food has changed nutritionally, genetically, and chemically.

Today the food system is compromised. The nutrition required by all of us for health and well-being is becoming harder and harder to access commercially. Knowing your farmers, meat producers, and other food providers is becoming critical to maintaining health and avoiding chronic diseases of the industrialized world. Food should be a restorative and healing fuel for the body, not for comfort, relief, or social entertainment in a high-pressure society. As you read our blog and if you purchase the book, you learn that one of the most difficult truths for many people to accept is: food can be the most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.

Do you have the same vigor and energy you had just a few years ago? Do you look at your aging body and declining energy as simply the evidence of the passage of years? Please know, most people should have a much higher level of health and well-being, which is achievable by following a few simple guidelines. My aim is to help your body operate at peak levels, age naturally and avoid disease. My understanding of health and well-being has changed since I began to practice medicine. Over the past ten years, I have learned more about “alternative” health and disease prevention than I did in the traditional study of medicine at school.My continual hope for this blog and my Healing Handbook is that they will equip you to know how to make well- informed decisions about their life and health maintenance, keeping you from poor operational function and ultimately disease.

Join with us and learn how to bring your body back to health. To order a copy of Dr. Deanna’s Healing Handbook visit

Hair loss….at my age!?

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Greetings readers! I wanted to share with you a story of a 16 year old patient of mine. We’ll call her Chloe. Chloe came to see me because she was having hair loss, or spotty alopecia. She had been seeing a dermatologist for her hair loss and after trying many things the dermatologist had resulted to doing steroid injections into her scalp on the bald spots. While this therapy worked for the hair loss, it was leaving boggy spots on her scalp that felt funny. Both Chloe and her mother knew this was not a long term solution to the problem, but rather a Band-Aid approach.

I recommended two types of testing. I had Chloe do our complete nutritional panel (also called micronutrient testing) and genetic testing. The total cost for this testing was about $500. The results…..AMAZING! As it turns out, Chloe was severely deficient in B vitamins, several key nutrients and copper. Copper can be a cause of hair loss as can some of the B vitamins. She had several genetic enzyme deficiencies that were the cause of her B vitamin deficiency.

Chloe started a nutritional program that included a gluten free diet, vitamin supplementation, copper supplementation and lifestyle changes. Upon returning for follow up visit her hair loss had stopped completely, her skin had cleared completely, and she reported feeling much better overall. At her 6 month follow up appointment, her hair issue was completely resolved and she reported that her ADD had improved dramatically. In fact, she reported getting all A’s on her final exams! She had previously been a struggling student with an Individualize Education Program (IEP). She still has an IEP at school, but it is my belief that much of her cognitive issues were a result of her extreme malnutrition. Chloe and Chloe’s family have subsequently become one of my greatest sources of referral in my practice.

It is stories like Chloe’s that make me excited to work with patients every day. When we give the body what it needs, it has tremendous power to heal itself!

Temple Fit Tip Of The Week 10/22


  1. Drink water instead of sugary drinks. Aim for half your body weight in ounces.
  2. Eat less by using smaller plates.
  3. Move.  Don’t have to kill yourself, just move. Exercise during commercial breaks instead of sitting on the couch. Be active.
  4. Be courageous. It takes courage to admit you aren’t where you want to be and to take the steps to get to where you want to be.

Sleep. Sleep and sleep. You have to make sure you are getting the right amount of sleep for you. I know what is recommended, 7-8 hours a night, but it varies from person to person. I know I seem to function better with 5-6. Others can’t function without 9-10. The more I sleep, the more tired I feel. If I sleep 9 hours, I feel tired all day. Listen to your body. Sleep helps your brain. Sleep helps your body recover and repair your muscles from your workout. I know from my experience and my wife’s experiences and my active children’s experiences that we do not have a problem falling asleep. We are active and by the time 9:30-10:00 hits, we are ready for bed and we fall asleep quick.

What happens when you don’t get enough sleep? You are too tired to be active. Your mind says sleep instead of work out. Your body will crave unhealthy choices (sugar, energy drinks, etc.) to try to stay awake. What do you usually eat late at night while watching a movie or something? Junk food.

Anyway, here are some articles for you to check out. Have a blessed and active week.

Temple Fit Tip Of The Week 10/8

Let’s review:

Week 1 : drink more water, less sugary drinks

Week 2 : use smaller plates to trick your brain into eating less. Cut out sugar foods.

This week, let’s move. And keep moving. If you are new to exercise, don’t over do it. Start small. Two to three times a week move. It doesn’t cost money, you don’t have to join a gym. However, find someone to motivate you, to do it with you. It’s hard to say I want to sleep 30 more minutes when you know someone else is waiting for you to show up to exercise with them.  Just move. Exercise is a mental game. If you wake up and say I am going to walk for 30 minutes today, more times than not you will. If you wake up and say I don’t feel like doing anything today, chances are you won’t.

I have read that breaking a habit or starting a new one can take anywhere from 21 days to xxx days.  I have always heard and believe in six weeks. When I first started running a lot, when I met my wife, it took about 6 weeks for me to get in the groove.  Now  if I start a new workout program it takes a lot less time than that and it will for you also once you get into an exercise routine habit. I also learned this from our Run For God classes. People that have a hard time running 60 seconds on the first day are able to run 3-5 minutes without stopping at the 6 week point. They all say how much easier it is getting. The point is stick with it. A lot of people start out strong then in two or three weeks they quit because they don’t see the results they think they should have.

How about moving during commercials? You are watching tv at night and commercials come on (typically 3-4 minutes in length) get up and do some jumping jacks, run in place, push ups, etc… A one hour show is typically 42-45 minutes long when you take out the commercials. That’s 15-18 minutes to move. Two hours that’s 30-36 minutes.  That’s just to start. As you get stronger exercise during the show, rest during commercials.  Even make it fun by doing an exercise depending on what commercial comes on. See some workouts below. Your kids can do these with you also.

From a biblical perspective, the number 40 is significant and symbolizes a period of testing, trial or probation. The number 40 is mentioned 146 times in the Bible.  For the purpose of this article we will discuss the 40 days (six weeks minus two days).

It rained for 40 days and 40 nights for Noah’s ark. Moses was also on Mount Sinai for 40 days and nights. What happened when the people were tired of waiting? They started to worship a golden calf. Be patient. Transformation takes time.

The prophet Jonah powerfully warned ancient Nineveh, for forty days, that its destruction would come because of its many sins. The prophet Ezekiel laid on His right side for 40 days to symbolize Judah’s sins (Ezekiel 4:6). Elijah went 40 days without food or water at Mount Horeb. Jesus was tempted by the devil not just three times, but MANY times during the 40 days and nights he fasted just before his ministry began. He also appeared to his disciples and others for 40 days after his resurrection from the dead.

In summary, let’s move for 40 days. Be patient. You will have set backs but stick with it. It will become a habit.  Your body will feel better. You won’t be as tired. Your mind will think more clearly.  Remember weeks 1 and 2 :

No excuses. You can do this. You will do this. Make it simple, make it fun. Get out of your head. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

read this devotional from Proverbs 31 :

Temple Fit Tip of the Week 10/1

Two weeks ago I talked about drinking your water. Can’t believe it’s been two weeks already. I will try to give a simple tip each week.

This weeks tip is plate size. Did you know not only with all the crap the food industry puts in our food that our plate sizes have also increased. The average plate size 50 years ago was 9 inches. Today it is 12 inches. What do we do with those 3 extra inches? We fill them up so each meal we add 100-150 calories. Which leads to overweight children and adults. The average adult is now 26 lbs heavier than in the 1960’s.

Have you ever heard someone say my eyes were bigger than my stomach? Unfortunately the more we eat, the bigger our appetites get. Look at the plates below, which one do you think has more food on it?

The 8.5 inch plate correct? They all have the same amount of food. You can trick your brain into thinking you are full by seeing a full plate, on a smaller plate.

Use smaller plates and you will automatically eat fewer calories even though your brain will think you are eating more. Your stomach may grumble for the first few days but with the less you eat, you will reset your appetite  so you won’t feel as hungry and that grumbling will go away.

Interestingly enough, plate color also matters.  If your goal is to eat less, select plates that have high contrast with what you plan to serve for dinner. Want to eat more greens? Try serving them on a green plate! The color blue is actually an appetite suppressant. Use blue plates and eat less. Yellow plates tend to increase appetites.  If replacing dinnerware is difficult, remember that tablecloths are important, too. By selecting a cloth with a low-contrast to the dinnerware, you can minimize the effect of the Delboeuf illusion and lower the likelihood of over-serving.

The food industry is now using the same tricks the tobacco industry used 40-50 years ago. See your homework below.

Sorry got off schedule a little, it is really disappointing how the leaders of our country and companies (some) have chosen money over people.

Notice I haven’t even talked exercise yet.  Baby steps.  Drink water instead of sugary drinks. Use smaller plates which you will eat smaller portions.

Until our voices are heard and we change the food industry the best thing to do is eat as fresh and organic as you can. Buy locally if you can.

Stay tuned to next weeks tip.  God bless.

Homework : watch That Sugar Film if you can and read these articles on sugar. I found it interesting that in the film how they talked about if you took out all the foods in the entire grocery store that only 20% of the store would be left. Then in this article I received a few days later it talks about how 80% of the food we eat has high fructose corn syrup.  Direct correlation. I read that when our grandparents had dessert that that was almost all the sugar they ate in a day. Today, because of all the sugar in our foods, we consume the equivalent of two desserts with each meal. Think about that! We can also eat less sugar by eating less food – smaller plates.

The first article is from NewsMax Health

The second article :

The third article :

The fourth article :

There are many more but what it all comes down to is we need to eat less sugar.

To Lose Weight, Opt for a Small Plate –

Temple Fit

I recently accepted the position at my church as Temple Fit Director. Amazing isn’t it, what God can do. An introvert like me now leading our church into becoming more fit physically. This is a volunteer position that I will find the time to do. I may have to blog a little less.

I have always done well no matter where I worked. I have always been promoted. I have always helped my teammates around me and had them get promoted – even though it always hurt me to lose my best people. I would go on vacation and my area would do so well without me that I would be moved into another area to get it straightened out. I attribute this all to God of course. The patience, wisdom, work ethic, and knowledge He has given me and how He has taught me to treat others.

I have always been respected and well-liked – by most. I actually have been trusted so much that when I left the company I am at now the second time they let me come in on Sundays and work by myself.  My wife, who was a stay at home mom and watched other kids as well, lost a couple kids she was watching so we needed extra income. That is how much they trust me. Then they brought me back a third time and I am so glad they did.

This is the lesson boys and girls. A lesson that I learned from my parents and a lesson I have learned in the teachings of Jesus Christ. Watch what comes out of your mouth. Treat others with respect and dignity. When someone makes a mistake, walk them through what they did wrong in a calm manner and instruct them on how to do it right. Keep your promises. Be trustworthy. The only thing you have in this world is your word. Guard it with your life. No matter what else is going on around you, you control how you react and what you say. I have always given employees the opportunity to succeed, even when they didn’t want to. It’s amazing, not only at work but in life, seeing peoples faces when they do something they didn’t think they could do.

That’s also why at one job I had twelve people I trained be promoted to supervisors. The next closest person was two. My employees stayed with the company on average 10 months. The next closest average was 4 months. Don’t get me wrong, I have had some employees/employers try to take advantage of my leadership style only to find out the hard way. My last boss, 60-70 hour a week boss, couldn’t understand how I could get so many employees to do anything I asked them to do when he couldn’t. In the end he didn’t like the fact I didn’t talk – socialize- much, and that I stood up to him when no one else would so I left. He has called three times since I left asking me to come back.

I say all these things not to toot my own horn but to show you what can happen if you are a thoughtful, attentive, respectful, honest, open, trustworthy, decisive and conscientious. I can make a positive impact or a negative impact on someone. The choice is mine. I choose positive. Treat others the way God wants you to treat them, live the way God wants you to live and people will see it. Maybe not now, but it will pay off in the end.

I know that this introvert will not be able to lead an entire church of 1000 plus members to get fit without the amazing help of others. Our team already has some great ideas and will implement them and see where God takes them. I have been blessed to be able to motivate people. This however is a whole new ballgame. I know God will be with me to help others. One thing I have learned about fitness is to start small. Make small changes daily that will add up over time.

Maybe I will even get my wife to guest blog. She is in charge of our Run For God classes and running clubs. She is also a personal trainer and health coach. I will be relying on her a lot.

First step I will ask you today is quit drinking sodas and sugar drinks. Drink your water people.

How much water should I drink? Half of your weight in ounces is recommended. If you weigh 200 lbs, drink 100 oz. of water. Keep in mind you get some of this in foods you eat, especially in fruits and vegetables.

Run For God by Miriam and Sarah Burnette – 

Running With God – motivational –  

The Strength of God Resides In You – Motivational – 

Soul On Fire by Third Day – 

Life Is A Gift by John Waller – 

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It’s Your Life by Francesca Battistelli – 

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Made To Love by TobyMac – 

No Longer Slaves by Bethel Music – 

Taking Life by We As Human –