Remember The Fallen

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Remember the fallen

The ones lost and forgotten

The ones who didn’t make it home from the fight

When you sleep in your bed tonight


Remember the ones who went to a foreign land

The ones who had the courage to take a stand

The mothers who left their daughters

The sons who left their fathers


Remember the ones who don’t work a forty hour week

The ones who can’t call in sick when they are too tired to speak

The ones who don’t get a holiday to rest

The ones who battle the enemy and the stress

The ones who die today so we can have a tomorrow

The ones whose yesterdays are filled with sorrow

Image result for bible verses for soldiers

The ones who don’t make it back

The ones who died in Iraq

The ones who changed history

When they went to Germany

Could you imagine this world if they simply said no?

We want to be with our families so we won’t go

The choice they made to serve

Often, not getting the praise they deserve

The sacrifices they make daily

For you, for me and our country

Freedom isn’t free and they hear the callin’

Remember them today, remember the fallen


I Will Remember by Peggy Lynn – 

The Other Side by Colton Dixon – 

Heaven Was Needing A Hero by Jo Dee Messina – 

I’m Gonna Miss You by Interstate 10 – 

Soldier’s Light by Rylee Preston – 

Airborne Ranger Infantry by Kristy Lee Cook – 

Mr. Red White and Blue by Coffey Anderson –  

Soldier, I Thank You by Jordan Leigh –  

Thank You Soldier by Joe Brucato – 



Memorial Day

IMG_20150526_104355[1]Happy, or should it be Thankful, Memorial Day. In honor of all those that have served for our freedom. Thank you to the ones who have passed, the ones who have not came back the same, the ones who fight every day (even when they are not on the battlefield), thank you to all who have served and who will serve.

My dad served in the Vietnam War. He never talked much about it and I never asked. To be honest, I can say I didn’t care that much. Now he is gone and I will never be able to tell him thank you. It wasn’t until his funeral I found out he had lived with the  effects from Agent Orange. How could I not have known? How could I have never asked ? This memorial day has hit me harder than any ever. Yes, I know the freedoms I have from those that have served, but I believe it was something I just took for granted.  Many of us in this country take this for granted. We have not seen firsthand how many in the rest of the world live (and many in our own country), not only to not be free but just to have food, clean water and shelter on a daily basis. There were many instances (from the Field of Flags, songs, videos and news stories) this weekend that have brought tears to my eyes. I know it’s too late but I pray you hear me in Heaven, thank you Dad.

Today visit a veteran. Help a widower and their children. Give to a charity for a veteran. Don’t know any veterans? Go to a senior citizens living center and talk to someone there. I bet they would love the company and probably know a veteran they could talk to you about.

John 15:13  Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.

There are so many songs and even entire cd’s ( Act of Valor movie soundtrack or American Soldier by Queensryche) that I could list here but I wanted to list some that maybe many of you have not heard of, as well as a few most of you have. Some I have not listed but you can look up George Jones- 50000 Names, Sammy Hagar- Remember the Heroes, John Michael Montgomery- Letters From Home, Drowning Pool- Soldiers, Chely Wright- From the Bumper of My SUV, Mika- Heroes, Carrie Underwood- Just A Dream, Van Zant- These Colors Don’t Run, Charice- Note to God, Letter Black- While You Were Away, Darryl Worley- I Just Came Back From A War, Nathan Fair- Fallen Soldier, Tracy Lawrence – If I Don’t Make It Back among many others.

Talk video, not a song but worth watching. 

10 years, I Miss You Daddy by DJ Sammy (feat. Do) – Seriously, I have never listened to this and not cried. 

For You by Keith Urban – 

Soldier’s Light by Rylee Preston- Amazing song by 15 year old girl.  

Soldier, I Thank You by Jordan Leigh – 

I Want You To Live by George Canyon – 

A Soldier’s Memoir by Mitch Rossell – 

Bagpipes Cryin by Rushlow Harris – 

Goodnight Soldier by Derek Clark – 

Soldiers Prayer by  Collin Raye – 

American Soldier by Toby Keith – 

Soldiers and Jesus by James Otto – 

Pvt. Ledbetter by Tesla – one of my favorite bands from the 80’s and today. Keep making music.  

Letters From War by Mark Schultz – 

Arlington by Trace Adkins – 

If You’re Reading This by Tim Mcgraw – 

I’ll Be Brave This Christmas by Big Daddy Weave – 

Some Gave All by Billy Ray Cyrus –