That Was A Crazy Three Weeks

In case you were wondering, I am still around.  I have about a hundred drafts of things that have popped in my head the last three weeks but life has been crazy.

First off, there is the person that works with me that we have to fill in for the other when one of us goes on vacation. She decided to give one week notice that she wanted vacation two weeks ago. Normally that wouldn’t be a big deal but the problem was it was Kylie’s last full week of summer break.

Therefore, the things we were going to do over the last two weeks of summer were pushed into trying to get done in one week. We hit three different pools and did our annual trip to Zoombezi Bay and Columbus Zoo.  We used to do season passes but the thirty minute drive gets old after say two times.




Then I had to fill in at work for eleven straight days. Always a good time. Especially when there is a full moon all eleven days. At least it seemed like it. I was fried after that.

Of course the Olympics started that week also so I was staying up a little later. More on that in a few.

Then I was off and it was Kylie’s last two days before school started so I didn’t write at all last week. Did you miss me? Not only that I didn’t read much of other people’s writings. And of course we were still watching the Olympics.

How amazing was the United States?  Several times I teared  up in the emotions of the moment. So many medals won in events we hadn’t had much success in.  Women’s wrestling where Helen Maroulis won by beating the heavily favored Japanese woman. I saw her interview where she said she started to believe in herself when she understood that no matter what happens it doesn’t change who she is in Christ.

Since I am a distant runner it was awesome to see seven medals won by the United States in those events. I believe that was either the most ever or a tie for the most ever in middle to long distance running.

Today was the first day I’ve had by myself since school ended. It was weird. I missed having Kylie around. But it was also nice to get things caught up.

I even ran outside for the first time all summer. Eight miles in my new shoes. I felt really comfortable. I love my Brooks Pure Connect shoes. I ran in them for three years, three of my best years running. They quit selling them in stores two years ago and I tried other Brooks and even went back to Nike but it wasn’t the same. That is probably why I have had one injury after another for the last two years.  So I went online to and found pure connect and ordered a pair. No problem on my run. I might have to order a spare pair, or three just to have around.

Then yesterday we went back home to spend time with my mom. Yesterday was the three year anniversary of my dad passing. It was good to see my brother and his family and my mom.  Lots of memories.


That’s about it. Oh, I am looking into trying to get some of my short stories published for children’s books. I have started the process so let’s see how it goes. With that being said I probably won’t be posting any short stories, like Rodney The Raccoon or The Snowflake, until I find out if I make it or not.  I will still do poems and writing in general though. Say some prayers for me.

Have a great rest of the day.


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My Ride – It’s A Beautiful World

I have been dealing with a heel/ankle injury so this morning I decided to get out on my bike again and get some exercise. It is amazing how God uses a normal ride to strengthen my faith.

There is this place on my ride that I swear I am going downhill. It looks like I am going downhill.  It is only for about 200 yards but if you would look at it you would say its a downward slope. I am OCD when it comes to things like this so I have questioned this everytime I ride this route. However, for whatever reason, I struggle. I have to switch to easier gears and pedal like crazy to get out of it. I don’t understand it.

This brought to my mind some of the people in this world. The false teachers. The ones that act like they are one way but really there are not. The ones that try to tell me this is the right way or do this and things will be better. I knew they were just selling me poison but I listened. Their way seemed like it would be the right way but there is only one right way.

There is another spot on this route about seven miles in that I don’t understand either. It is an incline, not a hill, for about a mile. It isn’t a steep incline or anything but looking ahead I can tell it is going up. I either have to go into easier gears and pedal faster or go into harder gears and stand up and power through, or a combination of both. I have rode up big hills that aren’t nearly as difficult as this one mile incline. I don’t get it. Maybe there is a stronger pull of gravity there.

God made me think of my sins. How this sin may not seem like a big sin but it is still a sin. Especially when I keep doing it over and over again. Before I know it this “little sin” is weighing me down. It is wearing me out. How do I get out of it? I confess to God. I ask Him for help. I may try to get out of it myself by doing a combination of things but until I admit I need help from God and He steps in, I struggle.

The Hill. It’s only about 1/3 mile but it is steep. I think all cyclists ride this hill because it’s really only one or two in my town. The first time I went up it it took all my physical and mental strength to get up it. I remember being about 3/4 up and thinking what the heck, but mentally, I wouldn’t let me stop until I got to the top. The second time wasn’t much easier.  The third still a struggle. The fourth getting easier. The fifth time I finally hit my stride and was able to fly up the hill. Now if I don’t go up this hill for awhile, once again it’s a struggle when I do.

This reminded me of the sermon I heard last week. We had Tommy Oaks as a guest speaker and he talked about the seven dips of Naaman. How he wondered what Naaman was thinking each time he dipped. He wondered if the first time Naaman dipped if he was thinking this water is cold. The second time about all the animals in the water with him. The third about he wasn’t being cured. The fourth about him looking stupid out there etc. etc.  Until the seventh time when he came up and was cured. The point, don’t give up after one or two or a hundred tries, eventually, if you believe in all your hearts that God will make it happen and you have asked for God’s help, it will happen.

Up ahead I see something in the road. I could either keep going fast or slow down and use caution. Gravel was all over the road so I slowed down and maneuvered through it without any mishaps. If I had kept going the speed I was I probably would’ve been on the ground.

It made me reflect on the times in my life when I knew this person was trouble but yet I hung around them. It reminded me of the situations I have been in where I could’ve slowed down and thought about my actions or the situation more and saved myself a lot of trouble instead of plowing right into a bad situation.

The ease of a downhill. I can stop pedaling, rest for a few seconds, and be on cruise control. No worries, catch my breath, relax.

How many times in my walk with Jesus have I thought things were going smoothly, nothing but blue skies ahead. Then I get lazy and don’t read my Bible as much or don’t pray as much. Then I get to the bottom of the hill and realize there is a big uphill coming. Uh oh! Got myself in a bad situation again.

The key to life is no matter what ride you are on you need someone else to help you on that journey. Whether you are on flat ground, going downhill or are facing a big uphill, ask God to help you. Sometimes the devil is telling you you can do it on your own but don’t stop and listen to him. Keep pedaling. There is only one way, one truth.

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