Oh, The Places We’ll Go

15th Wedding Anniversary Wall Plaque Gift For Couple -Memories To ...

Oh, the places we have been

Memories come flooding in

To Florida and the Outer Banks

Time with family, many thanks

To races in Boston and New York City

Every mile a memory

Made a few trips to Chicago

And some places I never thought we’d go

We’ve been to hell and back

Felt the fury of the devil’s attack

We held on and came out stronger

Hand in hand for another year longer

We have been to concerts galore

When allowed, we will go to more

Now we are on year fifteen of this ride

Time to pick it up and really thrive

Nashville and Chicago were cancelled this year

I know you cried a few tears

Who knows where we will go to next

But together we will go, step by step

Little did I know

The places we’d go

But of all the places we’ve been and yet to find

The place I like the most is by your side

Happy 15 year anniversary!




Together by Steven Curtis Chapman –

Love You All The Way by Sean Mcneill – 


Happy 10 Year anniversary to my wife

What can I say? We have been through hell and back and here we are still fighting the good fight. I see God working in us more and more each day. I pray that as painful as our story was, that one day God will use it for His glory and we can help others.

You are an amazing mother, an awesome healthy cooking chef – just no orange chicken please, a great wife, and make me want to be better physically. Just don’t ever ask me to do a workout with you because you know you kill me. I pray one day when I get back to where I was we can run together again and cross a finish line together. ( I know I will have to slow down to do that since I was so much faster than you 🙂 )

I see the changes you have made and how God is working in you. I know I don’t tell you that enough. Look at you, going to be leading your own Run For God class, overcoming that fear of talking in front of people. I am proud of you.

Anyway, I love you  and happy anniversary.

I Will Be Here by Steven Curtis Chapman – Our song  

Love You All The Way by Sean Mcneill – Had to make my own video for this one, hope you like it 

You Had Me From Hello by Bon Jovi – 

Perfect Proposal by Wayne Wonder – 

and of course for you, your favorite Jeremy Camp

Overcome because we have overcome so much 

Same Power because He is working in our lives 

He Knows because He Knows all we have gone through and we will go through 

Be Still  my favorite song from his new cd 

I Still Believe because I still believe in us, I believe God is going to do great things for us