I Wanna Live In That Town

I wanna live in that town

Where love is always found

It’s in all the Hallmark movies

Where Main Street is lit up like a city

Everyone has a smile on their face

The grinches have all been replaced

The Christmas tree shines on the square

It seems like the entire town is there

I wanna live in that town

Where happy endings are all around

Where snowmen never melt

And only happiness is felt

Where children wait anxiously

For Santa to come down the chimney

Where miracles are found on every corner

Somehow the cold always feels a little warmer

But I wonder come January

Will it all have been a fantasy

But then, this thought came to my mind

I laughed out loud as I started to realize

My eyes they started to twinkle

Could it really be this simple?

This place that I’m writing about

Where love and kindness is always found

That the Christmas spirit in this town

It can live in me all year round

That Spirit of Christmas by Ray Charles –

I Don’t Want Christmas To End by Zach Williams –


7 thoughts on “I Wanna Live In That Town

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  2. Love it, in the past when I have preach I have challenge others to do one act of kindness a day, don’t look for anything in return this way that person will give all the glory to our Father in Heaven. Even a kind word or a smile can go a long way. By the way I love to watch the Christmas movies as well I will be sharing on my blog quietmomentswithgod

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