An Old City Bar On Christmas Eve

I didn’t care that tomorrow was Christmas Day

Just another night drinking my sorrows away

I sat in an old city bar on Christmas Eve

When a young lady walked in I had never seen

She seemed kind of shy, but had a glow unlike I had seen before

And there, holding her right hand was a little girl, maybe of four

I had nowhere to be so I ordered another beer

The bartender said, hey, no kids are allowed in here

And he said, besides, it’s almost closing time

That’s when she said, I saw your help wanted sign

The bartender, kind of frowned and asked, have you ever worked in a bar?

The young lady said no, but I’m out of options, we’re living in a car

And for once, the bartender was out of words

I could see behind her eyes was a lot of hurt

He said leave me your number and I’ll call your phone

She said, sir, I don’t have a phone, I don’t have a home

The bartender and I had grown bitter in our old age

But when she spoke those words something inside us changed

The bartender remembered how the cold winds blow

And it was predicted we were to get twelve inches of snow

So he said it’s not much but I have a small room in the back

You can spend the night there and she said they would appreciate that

And I pulled out a twenty and bought them something to eat

And then I noticed the holes in their shoes on their feet

The bartender opened the register and gave me all the cash

We both had the same thought to give the little we had

I sprinted out the door to the nearest store

And bought shoes, boots, coats and a little more

I checked out right before they closed

Then the snow started to fall on my nose

I hurried back to the bar with presents in hand

And I thought love, yes love right now is in high demand

Inside the bar, like the snow on my nose, my heart started to melt

And I started to feel something it had been a long time that I had felt

I don’t know if God had sent an angel to me that night

But somehow out of my darkness came a light

And maybe this story is about the young lady and her little girl

How all of us can help each other out, give love, all over the world

Or maybe this story is about how two strangers changed me

All I know is I was a different man after that Christmas Eve

Reach Out by Jason Crabb –

Heaven Everywhere by Francesca Battestelli –

The Christmas Shoes by NewSong –

Somebody’s Angel by Mandisa –

The Christmas Guest by Johnny Cash –


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