I Want To Say Thank You

Thank A Police Officer Day on Delmarva - DelmarvaLife

I usually do not post on the weekend but sometimes you have to.

I want to say thank you

For running into the unknown

For responding to the call

Not knowing if you’ll make it back home

For keeping our town safe

When you are patrolling the streets

For stopping, just to say hi

For getting the cat out of the tree

For keeping our kids safe

By being in our schools

For writing me that speeding ticket

When I chose to break the rules

Thank you for working late

Missing your family’s supper

I know your job is hard

And some are making it tougher

But I just wanted to take a minute

To let you know some of us care

That cry with you, that stand with you

That respect you, that says a prayer

That some of us will stand by your side

We’ll remember the heroes

Who responded on their last ride

Stay strong, stay protected, get home safe

It might not be the popular thing to say

But when have I cared about that

So thank you, not only today

But every day

Photos of some of police officers killed in the line of duty since May 1, 2020 because of gunfire, assault, or vehicular assault.

Police Officer Tamarris Leon-Wesley Bohannon | St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, Missouri
Deputy Sheriff Ryan Phillip Hendrix | Henderson County Sheriff's Office, North Carolina
Investigator Luis
Detective James M. Skernivitz | Cleveland Division of Police, Ohio
Trooper Thomas William Devlin | Massachusetts State Police, Massachusetts
Captain Stanley Curtis Elrod | Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Georgia
Corporal Bryant Searcy | Wayne County Sheriff's Office, Michigan
Police Officer Bryan Brown | Tohono O'odham Nation Police Department, Tribal Police
Sergeant Ricardo Perez-Ortiz | Puerto Rico Police Department, Puerto Rico
Police Officer Sheena Dae Yarbrough-Powell | Beaumont Police Department, Texas
Trooper Caleb Starr | Michigan State Police, Michigan
Special Agent John Bost, III | United States Department of Justice - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, U.S. Government
Deputy Sheriff Dylan Pickle | Monroe County Sheriff's Office, Mississippi
Deputy Sheriff William Garner | Franklin County Sheriff's Office, Georgia
Police Officer Jonathan Shoop | Bothell Police Department, Washington
Police Officer Ismael Chavez | McAllen Police Department, Texas
Police Officer Edelmiro Garza, Jr. | McAllen Police Department, Texas
Police Officer Anthony Dia | Toledo Police Department, Ohio
Police Officer Jason Judd | Peoria Police Department, Arizona
Sergeant Craig Vincent Johnson | Tulsa Police Department, Oklahoma
Police Officer Destin Legieza | Brentwood Police Department, Tennessee
Wildlife Officer Julian Keen, Jr. | Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Florida
Police Officer Dale Thomas Provins, Jr. | Jefferson Hills Borough Police Department, Pennsylvania
Deputy Sheriff James H. Blair | Simpson County Sheriff's Office, Mississippi
Animal Control Officer Darrian May Young | Monroe County Sheriff's Office, Michigan
Sergeant Damon Gutzwiller | Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office, California
Sheriff Andy Deric Clark | DeKalb County Sheriff's Office, Missouri
Police Officer Scott Hutton | Alexander Police Department, Arkansas
Lieutenant Stephen P. Williams | Moody Police Department, Alabama
Police Officer Waldis
Deputy Constable Caleb Daniel Rule | Fort Bend County Constable's Office - Precinct 4, Texas
Police Officer Nathan James Lyday | Ogden Police Department, Utah
Police Officer Cody N. Holte | Grand Forks Police Department, North Dakota
Trooper George Baker | Louisiana State Police, Louisiana
Deputy Sheriff Wyatt Christopher Maser | Bonneville County Sheriff's Office, Idaho
Police Officer Michael S. Mosher | Overland Park Police Department, Kansas

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