A Troubled Heart, A Kind Heart

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A troubled heart used to beat so strong

A kind heart, thought he could survive the wrongs

A troubled heart broken but still loves

A kind heart pauses and then just shrugs

A troubled heart stitched back together for the hundredth time

A kind heart thinking I will try just one more time

A troubled heart looks around but can’t speak

A kind heart slowly becomes weak

A troubled heart wishes someone could see the trouble it’s in

A kind heart too tired to try, too worn out to try again

A troubled heart wonders why it’s still alive

A kind heart decides to give up tonight

A troubled heart can no longer see

A kind heart decides to no longer beat

A kind heart turns into a hard heart

A hard heart turns to stone, sets itself apart

A hard heart tries not to feel

A hard heart makes walls of steel

A hard heart acts like it doesn’t care

But inside a kind heart still beats there

A hard heart looks at a world that deceives

A kind heart must choose to continue to beat

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Oh My Soul by Casting Crowns- 

Troubled Heart by Kutless – 

Joy Is In Our Hearts by Sara Groves – 




4 thoughts on “A Troubled Heart, A Kind Heart

  1. Oh, this is such a heartbreaking story… and is so true if one doesn’t place one’s heart in God’s hands. After all, we are like Christ when we give, suffer for it and yet, forgive. Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted…Difficult for that broken “kind heart” to remember at times but absolutely vital spiritual truth. Thank you for this beautiful post! The music truly completes your message… all of this is exceptionally powerful.

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