Food For Thought- Happy Thanksgiving

Image result for fried tarantulaImage result for fertilized duck egg vietnam

A watermelon will not grow in your stomach if you swallow the seed

Who thought I’ll cover grasshoppers in chocolate and call them a delicacy?

Would you eat a puffer fish knowing you might die

If the chef didn’t prepare and cook it just right?

How many times did people eat oranges with the rind

Before someone decided to peel one for the first time?

The same for a banana, who decided to peel?

Believe it or not, here is some food that is real

Would you eat fried tarantula if you didn’t live in Cambodia?

A scorpion or a rat if you didn’t live in China?

What about a fertilized duck embryo, feathers, feet and all?

Birds nest soup? Live octopus? Sheeps head? A wine made from a seagull?

Makes you happy that we will eat a turkey

Some mashed potatoes, noodles, and green beans

Jello salad is not that healthy

But have you had rattlesnake chili?

Of course I am sure some people would never eat a pop tart or a twinkie

Ketchup on scrambled eggs or mashed potatoes with gravy

Who thought to  roast a marshmallow? Can you roast a Peep?

A Hamburger Donut? Pickled pigs feet? Not for me

Baltic Sea Herring, winged termites or frog legs?

Turtle Soup or Witchetty grubs? Not even if you beg

Image result for hamburger donutImage result for witchetty grub

Rocky Mountain Oysters, let’s just say they are not seafood

In Italy they eat a cheese with maggots in it called Casa Marzu

Now go enjoy your dinner this Thanksgiving

I pray you won’t eat anything that is still living

Whether you are eating a little or eating a lot

Remember those who today will eat not

And one more thing, even though it is not food for thought

What color would a chameleon be if it stood in front of a crayon box?

Image result for chameleon in front of a box of crayons

The Day After Thanksgiving by Brandon Heath –  

9 thoughts on “Food For Thought- Happy Thanksgiving

  1. After reading this, today I am thankful for MY normal… which is anything that excludes all the above, haha. And yes, I have had rattlesnake chili… it might even be good if you can get past the fact it’s a snake, which I can’t, lol. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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