I Planned On Coming Back

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The character in this poem leaves to find himself, but in reality, it could be about each and every one of us who have “checked out” of their marriage. Those who are there but are not there. Don’t think they will always be there waiting for you to come back.

It could be for you, my readers, since I have not posted in a month. Has it really been that long? I never meant for it to be that long but sometimes I get caught in a tornado and I wait to land in OZ.

I planned on coming back

I just needed a short break

But I got lost counting the sand

Thinking you would wait


I spend my days staring out at the water

Wasting memories in the ocean breeze

Order another rum and coke

The memory of you dances in front of me

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Seeing the moon’s reflection

Looking up at a million stars

As one falls from the sky

I make a wish to heal these scars


I walk farther and farther away

I can’t understand why I can’t pick up the phone

Why I can’t get on that airplane

Why I can’t come back home

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I never meant these days to turn to months

I never meant to leave you like that

A lost heart trying to find its way

But I always planned on coming back

I knew my time had passed

As the months turned to years

I don’t know why I couldn’t turn around

The dolphins can taste my tears

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What was I missing?

What was I trying to find?

I realize it was right in front of me

But I can no longer call you mine


I can tell you didn’t expect to see me here

Face to face and I state it is a fact

I promise you this

I was always planning to come back

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I can see it in your eyes, I see it in your smile

I found myself but now I know that it’s too late

I say I’m sorry and turn to leave

Why did I think you would wait?

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Image result for trying to find myself quotes

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5 thoughts on “I Planned On Coming Back

  1. marijo1245

    Wow!! Just wow. I planned on going back…I always thought I would, until I couldn’t. Even the time I stayed physically, my mind left. I checked out emotionally. Although I tried to come back time and time again, I just couldn’t…it was never the same. Learning to find myself was the best gift I could have ever have in this life and leaving was the best thing that happened ever.

    Here in the quiet I find my peace, here in the silence, I find myself. Here in the midst, I find God.

    Liked by 1 person

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