I Was Thinking…

IMG_1078IMG_1131I took last week off from posting because we were on vacation in Florida. We drove like we always do and that gave me time for thinking.

I was thinking I would try to do one new post last week and reblog some of my older ones but the wifi didn’t work that well. It was hit and miss for some reason and I didn’t want to spend hours waiting for it to work. Maybe that was God just telling me to relax and not worry about posting.

I was thinking I was going to run every day. I remember when I was younger I would wait until the middle of the day to run in the summer time. I liked running in the heat. I ran 3 the first day, 5 the second day then missed the next two days. Planned on running 10 miles but cut it short at 7. It was too hot and humid, 73 and 90% humidity average every day, at 7:30 in the morning. The old me would’ve toughed out the 10 but the wiser, older me said call it and live for another day. Being in the sun all day and that 7 mile run I think beat me so I missed one more day.  Then I put mind over matter and did 5, 5, 3 three days in a row. Got used to the heat and humidity.  Overall, I guess 6 out of 9 mornings wasn’t  bad.IMG_1224

I was thinking on the drive back how much it costs taxpayers for states to put up mile marker signs every tenth of a mile. It used to be one every mile marker then they had to add one for every tenth, why? Sure, if you are broke down you can give a more exact location but I think they could find you if you said I am between mile marker 3 and 4.

I was thinking who would want to live in Atlanta? I’m sure it has a lot of positives but traffic is a nightmare. Yes, call me a fool for driving through instead of around.  This is at 10 pm. IMG_1300

I was thinking I am getting too old to be driving straight through to Florida. 17-18 hours straight.  My wife helps out some but by the time I get tired it’s one in the morning and I feel bad asking her to drive at that hour. I worry about drunk drivers and her falling asleep so I try to tough it out.  Let me tell you what helps, Arbonne energy fizz. Two or three of them and I am awake. My wife is an Arbonne distributor if you want more info.

I was thinking at two in the morning I need to find a way to get all my thoughts and ideas down. I can’t talk into a recorder and wake every one else up. Anyone have ideas on something that can read your thoughts and put them down in writing?

I was thinking one of the best chorus I have heard is NF’s Mansion song.

Broken legs but I chase perfection
These walls are my blank expression
My mind is a home I’m trapped in
And it’s lonely inside this mansion

How many of us are chasing perfection, but have broken legs and will never get to perfection.

And then parts of two verses really speak to me :

Yo my mind is a house with walls covered in pain
See my problem is I don’t fix things
I just try to repaint, cover em up, like it never happen
Say I wish I could change. Are you confused?
Come upstairs and I’ll show you what I mean
This room’s full of regrets, just keeps getting fuller it seems
The moment I walk in to it is the same moment that I wanna leave
I get sick to my stomach every time I look at these things
But it’s hard to look past when this is the room where I sleep

So this part of my house, no one’s been in it for years
I built the safe room and I don’t let no one in there
Cause if I do, there’s a chance
That they might disappear and not come back
And I admit I am emotionally scared to let anyone inside
So I just leave my doors locked
You might get other doors to open up but this doors not
Cause I don’t want you to have the opportunity to hurt me
And I’ll be the only person that I can blame when you desert me
I’m barricaded inside
So stop watching
I’m not coming to the door
So stop knocking, stop knocking
I’m trapped here
God keep saying I’m not locked in
I chose this
I am lost in my own conscience
I know that shutting the world out ain’t solving the problem
But I didn’t build this house because I thought it would solve ’em
I built it because I thought that it would be safer in there
But it’s not, I’m not the only thing that’s living in here
Fear came to my house years ago I let ’em in
Maybe that’s the problem
Cause I’ve been dealing with this ever since
I thought that he would leave, but it’s obvious he never did
He must have picked the room and got comfortable and settled in
Now I’m in the position it’s either sit here and let him win
Or put him back outside where he came from, but I never can
Cause in order to do that I’d have to open the doors
Is that me or the fear talking?
I don’t know anymore

Yes I am partial to it because it reminds me of what’s in my head. Also looking forward to his new cd coming out, Therapy Session. Sounds like it will speak to me.



I was thinking how we are all like sand on the beach. Some of us get blown about by the wind and water, always trying to find where they belong and who they are. Find God, you will find who you are. Some of us are always getting in other people’s shorts, irritating and leaving some marks. Most of us are all in this together, there for everyone to enjoy and to spread the love of who God made us to be to everyone who we come in contact with.


I was thinking how great is God. The sunsets and sunrises.  His forgiveness. His grace. The gifts He gives all of us to further His kingdom. How some of us are like Jonah and try to run away, others are like Peter and deny our savior to save ourselves. How some of us are like Judas and betray Jesus. How some of us are like Noah and just say yes God, whatever you want. The most amazing thing is how He loves us all the same and gives us all the same forgiveness.  IMG_1218IMG_1252

I was thinking I could post a lot more if I didn’t put music to each one but then that’s part of why I started so…

Mansion by NF – 

Did You Really Think by Wess Morgan – 

Don’t Believe Everything You Think by Lee Brice – 

Rest Stop by Matchbox Twenty – 

Don’t Think I Don’t Think About It by Darius Rucker – 

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