Dear God, Are You Hearing My Prayers?


Dear God,

Are you hearing my prayers? I have been praying the same prayer for as long as I can remember but my prayer isn’t being answered. Is there another way I can reach you? Can I  send an email, text, tweet, Facebook message, any other way? Can You at least send me a message received? Should I keep praying or should I move on to another prayer? Do You get tired of hearing the same prayer every day?

Am I asking for too much? Am I asking with little faith? I don’t think so. Is my heart sincere? I think so. You say ask and it will be given to me. I believe in You and believe You will answer my prayer request. I just want to make sure You are getting it. I know you probably get more prayer requests each day than there are grains of sand so I could understand if one or two get missed. I’m not saying you miss any or anything, just saying I understand if You did. How do you keep track of all of them anyway?  Health requests go in one file, relationships in another, financials in another or are they grouped by person or country?

Back to my prayer, sorry I got sidetracked. I seem to do that when I pray also. Can you figure out what I am asking when I start then go elsewhere then come back to you ten minutes later right where I left off?  Sorry but my mind is constantly going, thought in, thought out, start, stop, start, where was I? Oh yeah,  as you know I have been praying for people I know to get their health back, to even get partial health back. I am sure to be 80% would be a lot better than where they are now. It seems like some of them are getting worse. Or they get better only to relapse. Some of them have a much stronger faith than I do and I know they are praying to get better also. It is okay to pray for themselves right? I know I pray for me. Fix my mind God. Are their prayers stuck in your inbox also? Have you checked your spam folder? I know there are many  people out there that pray for bad things or things they shouldn’t be praying for so maybe they go straight to spam so you don’t have to even acknowledge them. Maybe some honest prayers get stuck there also.


I don’t know God. I am just throwing ideas out there why my prayers aren’t getting answered. How about just send me a sign that you received it and will get to it when you can get to it?  I know maybe my prayer requests are probably far down on your list. Look at all the evil in the world. The people starving. The homeless. The lonely. The deathly sick. The enslaved. The persecuted. I pray for them also and honestly, I know answers to my prayers can wait so You can take care of all those worse off than me. Those with more urgent requests. Please take care of those first. I totally understand.

Just in case you have missed them here is what I pray for. I pray for my wife and daughters, God. I just pray that they walk with You in this life. I pray for my friends and family to get their health back and to trust in You. I pray for my church to follow You, the truth. I pray for my job to stay secure. I pray You heal my mind and help me resist temptation. I thank You for giving me another day to rely on You. As You know that is the super condensed, none rambling version. Whenever You can get to them. I will try to be patient while You take care of the ones that need Your help more than I do.

I have noticed as I get older my prayers have changed. Those things I prayed for in my youth, I am glad You didn’t answer a lot of those prayers. I could only imagine what kind of mess I would be in now if You had. I have learned to be a lot more patient than in my youth. I can only imagine where all the people I prayed bad things to happen to would be if You answered them. I am glad You ignored them. I am glad You handled those situations in Your way  and not my way. Even if Your way was just to give them grace and mercy. I am  glad You didn’t answer people’s prayers about me either, extending me that same grace and mercy.

I also just want to say thank you God for answering prayers I didn’t ask for. Giving me what I didn’t know I wanted or needed. I also want to thank you for answering my prayer to use me a few years ago. It was not the way I wanted You to use me but it has made me a stronger person. It also helped my wife be closer to You.

Thanks for taking the time to listen. More prayers coming your way. I will trust in You and wait for your answers, even if your answer is an unanswered prayer. You know what is best for me.


Healing by Blessid Union Of Souls – 

Pray by Manafest – 

Unanswered Prayers by Garth Brooks – 

Pray For Me by Kirk Franklin  – 

If His People Prayed by Casting Crowns – 

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I Only Know To Pray by Sherry Anne – 

Pray For You by Blessid Union of Souls – 



26 thoughts on “Dear God, Are You Hearing My Prayers?

  1. “I also just want to say thank you God for answering prayers I didn’t ask for. Giving me what I didn’t know I wanted or needed. “ Great line. God knows us intimately. He knows our inner most needs — what is truly best for us. Thanks for this post.

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  2. Wow! Great post. I know my prayers have changed drastically! While I pray specifically for my dear loved ones (for the to know Jesus intimately and to be kept safe from grave harm or injury) I pray for God to just use me! Let me reflect Him, His light, His love, His grace, His mercy. Oh Lord, how much longer before I’m close to reflecting at least one of these????

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    I’m with you, Robert and Elihu. I often get distracted while praying. Since I’m an old woman I have an extremely long prayer list. Many of my friends are going through serious health issues. When my mind wanders, it’s good to know that the Holy Spirit is like a text message or a tweet. Instantly He sends those prayers to the Father. How great it is to know that through His Son we also have a direct line of communication with all three. This is precisely what you did in your prayer today.

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  5. Have you been listening in on my prayers? This sounds like many of my own. I start out wondering if God is listening, I get distracted then come back and remind myself of God’s faithfulness. I needed this today as I am still waiting on a critical request to be fulfilled. God bless!

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