Expecting A Harvest


I was looking at our garden to get an idea of what to plant where this year. I didn’t do so well last year. It was the first year I planted the seeds, my wife usually does. I either planted them too deep or we bought a bunch of bad seeds. I can’t imagine all the seeds we bought were bad so I would have to say the former.

The only thing that produced all summer was broccoli. By the end of summer we had a bunch of tomatoes and peppers come up. We finally had lettuce after I reseeded the area. Everything else was pretty much a dud. Unlike the year before when we had abundance and gave a lot away.

Strangely enough we had carrots pop up. I didn’t plant carrots. The wife planted carrot seeds the year before but we didn’t get any. Now two years later, they were here.

I have big plans this year for a big harvest. I ripped out the raised beds and will be tilling the area so wish me luck. I believe, I know, the wife will be planting the seeds. She obviously can do that a lot better than I can.

Isn’t our walk with Jesus a lot like a garden.  He who made us gives us a choice to believe in Him or to not believe in Him. We can either plant a garden or not plant a garden. We all have seeds to plant.

If we choose to believe in Him and choose to plant a garden then we have to listen to His words, seeds, to help us grow. We have to believe in His plan for our lives during the rainy difficult seasons and the dry hot seasons. To produce good fruits you need rain and sunshine.

We have to tend to our faith and to our garden. We have to discern what is good in our lives and take care of the good. We have to get rid of the weeds. We have to prune. We have to read the Bible, follow His word. Take out what is bad in our life and cut out the things that get in the way of us moving forward.


I have to protect my garden. I have to keep the rabbits, squirrels and chipmunks out or they will eat it all. They will destroy our garden if not. I have to protect my life.  I have to keep the devil and all his minions out. I have to not believe his lies, his tricks, and his schemes or they will destroy my life.

When the time is right to pick the ripe vegetables and fruit, we have to do it then to produce more.  Just like when God gives us the opportunity to share our faith we should do it then. Not wait for the next time you see them or the next opportunity.  I know I have failed in this area many times and then I never see the person again. I have to quit walking in fear and pick the produce when it is ready to be picked.

Seeds. I plant the seeds and wait for them to grow. Some come up quicker than others. Some are bountiful and others are not. Just like in life we plant seeds and wait to see the results. Some we can see right away, others take months and even years to ripen. Some we may never see ripen. They may not happen in our lifetime. But we, as Christians, have to keep planting the seeds and let God be the gardener. The seeds I plant can be the words I say, my actions, a smile, anything that would show Jesus in me.

I welcome the sun, I welcome the rain. I will look to God to bring a good harvest. I will plant the seeds the best I can and wait for God to bring the seeds to life. Both in my garden and in my words I share with you.

Send The Rain by William McDowell – (the last 2 minutes where he talks) – 

Send The Rain by William McDowell – 

The Harvester by Brandon Heath – 

Sow Good Seeds by Mavis Staples – 

Find Your Wings by Mark Harris – 

Like Jesus by Son of Adam – 

Love Like Jesus by Rhett Walker Band – 

Planting Seeds by Nimo Patel – 

American Farmer by Alabama – 

Amarillo Sky by Jason Aldean – 

Bring On The Rain by Jo Dee Messina – 

I’ll Grow My Own by Chris Cagle – 


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