The Sun Doesn’t Always Come Out Tomorrow 

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Feeling lost at school and feeling ignored at home

Surrounded by people but feeling all alone

I think I’m tired of fighting the fight

I’m ready to leave this life tonight

There’s nothing here as far as I can see

I wonder if anyone will even miss me

Meanwhile two blocks away

Stacy winds up another day

She remembers him and when they were so close

But lately he seems distant,  disappeared like a ghost

I’ll call him tomorrow to just say hi

She doesn’t know he’s ending his life tonight

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Meanwhile two rooms away his parents talk

About how they might go take a walk

Should they go back to his room

They joke how it seems like a tomb

They remember how he laughed not long ago

Would they have tried harder if they had known?

Meanwhile two key strokes away

More of the kids in school type away

Making jokes and calling him names

Doesn’t he know he’s so lame

They wish he would go away and die

Tomorrow they will cry and wonder why

He thinks of how his life will end

Too many torn pieces to try to mend

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His phone rings “hey how are you doing”

It’s Stacy asking how things are going

I was going to call you tomorrow but why wait

She didn’t  know that tomorrow would’ve been one day too late

A knock on his door and mom says let’s leave

We are all going to go get some ice cream

No ifs ands or buts, you’re going

If they only knew what he thought of doing

His screen beeps and Scott starts to fight

What you guys say is wrong, it isn’t right

How about saying something positive

And he starts to think he might want to live

He gets off his bed and starts to head out the door

That’s when his bible fell onto the floor

A verse about you will have pain, suffering and sorrow

Then the Air1 verse of the day says hope in tomorrow

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Then his youth pastor sent a text to see if he was okay

He sent back looks like I’ll make it through another day

Is there someone that you know

That thinks the sun won’t come up tomorrow

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Somebody Wishes They Were You

It’s amazing how God works. I was going through some old songs last week and heard the song Somebody Wishes They Were You by Adelitas Way. I instantly thought how could I forget this song, it is a great song. I need to find a way to put it in a post. Then wouldn’t you know it, this appeared in my inbox Monday.

So You Want to Be Someone Different?


“You shall have no other gods before me” (Exodus 20:3).


Let’s do something different. Let’s have you pretend you are someone different, someone completely different than whom I have made. You can decide your appearance, your personality, your strengths. You can decide your quirks, your special hidden talents. You can decide what makes you unique, valued, worthy. You can decide what it means to be a woman I am delighted to look on and call precious, adored, daughter.


Do you see her? Do you hear her? Can you grasp the picture you’ve created, this imaginary girl concocted in your head?


Is she all you want her to be? Don’t leave anything out. Write her out. Imagine her. Is she so different from you? Is she like you or the opposite of everything I’ve made you to be?


How is her worth measured? How did you decide to write her eyes the way you did, or make her laugh like that, or have her get things done so quickly, so efficiently, so perfectly? Who is this girl-woman you’ve created whom you worship and think I love more than I could ever, possibly, love you?


Why do you worship this pretend self you wish existed rather than Me?


She needs to be destroyed now, you know. She needs to be thrown into the fire, where all lies need to be sent to be destroyed, for good. This imaginary girl you’ve created in your head is not the daughter I have crafted with my two hands. She is not the woman I have born with my breath and designed, in all your wondrous and perfect beauty, to be.


Throw down this lie you chase that makes you strive towards imaginary perfection. You will not receive my joy, my peace, my life in you that sustains if you continue to chase what is not meant for you to attain. Who are you to decide what it means to be desired, perfected, worthy? Who are you to shun what I’ve made and desire something different?


Let me show you this daughter of mine. Let Me show you the beauty of her, the joy she brings Me, the strength in her to love just the way I’ve made her to love, to work with the passions I’ve given her to use. She is mighty when she knows who and whose she is and abandons all idols that bring distraction to this life I’ve given her, distractions that bring death to her heart.

For I bring life, my daughter. I bring you life. And this life I bring you is in you. I am in you. You are my delight and the one I sing over and never, ever want to leave.

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