The Battle Within

In an earlier post I mentioned how I like super hero movies. After an epic battle going back and forth the good guys always win. They face many challenges and there is always a time where we start to think they won’t win but they fight and overcome the enemy. I don’t think I have ever seen a movie though that I didn’t know who the good guys were and who the bad guys were. What happens when you don’t know who the bad guys are?

There is also more to the story lines than just good vs. evil. Heroes that are cheered one day, then are booed the next. You have friends that turn into enemies. Brothers who turn against brothers. Enemies that come together to fight a bigger enemy. Friends (communities) that combine to save society. The battle they fight with themselves.

The battle within. The battle we all fight every day. The biggest battle I fight is time. There is never enough but somehow there is always too much. Let me explain.

There is never enough time to do everything I want to do each day. As my youngest daughter is growing up there isn’t enough time to spend with her before other things come into her life. For my oldest daughters there is never enough time to spend any time with them. They have school, jobs, boyfriends, friends etc.. They don’t have much time left over to spend with me. There is never enough time do my workouts, write, play, spend time with wife…I can go on.

Even with saying all that there is too much time. I can look back on each day wondering where the time went, I didn’t have time to do anything but then I look how I spent my time. I spent too much time watching tv. I spent too much time thinking about nothing. I spent too much time talking at instead of talking to. I spent too much time reading a book and not THE BOOK.

You may be thinking that time isn’t something that is within you and I can see that. But the way it makes me feel inside is the battle. The way I get frustrated if I didn’t get around to what I needed to do. The guilt I feel if I didn’t spend enough time with my family. The yuck my body feels if I didn’t work out. To me, time is very much a battle within.

I also battle with the voices in my head. The one that tells me go ahead and do this or that. Just five minutes won’t hurt anything. Next thing you know those five minutes turned to sixty and I have nothing to show for it. The one that tells me I don’t have to pray today. You woke up late, you’re rushing around, got to get dressed, get to work, you don’t have time to stop and pray. Next thing I know it’s bed time and I didn’t talk to God today.

How about the battle with temptation? God wouldn’t have made all these beautiful people if He didn’t want us to look at them right? God wouldn’t have made these donuts taste so good if He didn’t want us to eat them right? God wouldn’t have made cable tv with 350 channels if He didn’t want us to watch tv all day right? God wouldn’t have made smartphones if He didn’t want us staring at it all day right?  What do we miss when we give into these temptations? We miss the beautiful people in our lives already. Our beautiful spouses and children. We miss the wonderful food God put on this earth for us to eat. Not the GMO, added sugar, added additives, added etc… We miss this wonderful world God has made. Look away from the tv and look up from our smartphones and look at this world. I subscribe to a few instagram sites with pics from around the world. There are some beautiful places out there but while I am looking at them, I miss the beauty in front of my eyes in my own backyard.

I see a direct correlation between these movies and what the Bible has taught us. Look at the picture quotes in this post and then ask yourself is there a Bible verse like this. Trust me there are. Are there stories in the Bible where the hero is cheered and then booed, friends turned on friends, brothers turned on brothers, once enemies turn to friends for the greater good, communities coming together for the greater good..etc?  Yes there are.

In real life we all face the same common enemy- Satan. With that we all face the same fears, doubts, worries, that we aren’t good enough but we can all help each other through the struggles of life.


I think I should write a post every week about the Disney Channel show Girl Meets World. Last week about investing in our children, our future. This week about being a hero. You don’t have to have super powers to be a hero. Quotes from the show “There is enough dark in this world, heroes were meant to bring the light” and “When it’s a struggle between right and wrong, that’s when real heroes fight the hardest.”

In real life we all have a hero inside us. One that can choose between good and bad, right and wrong, to help or not to help. God gave us free will so that we can make that choice. Will you choose to be a hero today?

If you need help finding a Bible verse or story let me know. I will let you know what I think corresponds to it.

However, the Bible has one thing that doesn’t happen in these movies. The hero in the Bible died in order to save the villians.

Let Go by 12 Stones (from Daredevil) – 

Comeback bt Redlight King  (from Avengers) – 

Even If I Could by Papa Roach (from Avengers) – 

Dirt and Roses by Rise Against (from Avengers) – 

Some Kind Of Monster by Neon Trees (from Iron Man) – 

Ready Aim Fire by Imagine Dragons (from Iron Man) – 

One Minute More by Capital Cities (from Iron Man) – 

Bother by Stone Sour (from Spider Man) – 

Hero by Chad Kroeger feat Josey Scott (from Spider Man) – 

Batman Arkham Knight by TryHardNinja (from Dark Knight Rises) – 

Waiting For Superman by Daughtry – 

Blow Away by Breaking Benjamin (from Captain America) – 

Monster by Skillet –