Amazing How We Forget


Dear God,

First I just want to say thanks for this beautiful weather to end the summer and start the fall. I can’t even remember the last time it wasn’t sunny. In fact, it has been so nice I have almost forgotten about all the rain we had at the beginning of the summer. Isn’t that how you want us to live though? Forget the past, don’t worry about the future, live for today.

In this life I know I will have troubles but  I keep pushing forward to the prize that awaits me. I am sorry God that many times I have been so caught up in the bad things in my life that I let them consume me. I complain about the rain but I know you will give me sunny skies in the near future. I get caught up in anger at the person that hurt me that I forget to forgive them and let you handle it. I close myself off because someone broke my heart and I forget that you made us to love. I see temptations all around me and when I fall for them and want to beat myself up that I forget that you sent Jesus to die for us so that I am no longer condemned.

I just want to thank you God for all the heartbreaks. All the times that I didn’t think I could go on but I picked myself up off the floor and  I am stronger today for it. I wouldn’t love like I do now if I remembered all the hurt from the heartbreaks.

I want to thank you God for the pain. Thank you for making me strong enough to fight through it. Thank you for showing me there is a light at the end of the struggle.

I want to thank you God for the cold and miserable days. Without them I wouldn’t appreciate the warm sun on my face as much. I wouldn’t appreciate each season if they did not change (but I know at sometime I would like to live in a warm all year around climate).

I want to thank you God for letting me make bad choices. I can see the wisdom in my good choices because of the bad ones I have made. I have made some pretty bad choices. Thank you for giving me the sense of humor to look back at those choices and laugh now instead of living in regret.

I want to thank you God for the times I have lost. Whether it was in a sporting event, a job, a relationship, anything that I have lost. I would not appreciate the times I have won without those losses.

I want to thank you God for the ashes. I would not see the beauty of this world that you have made without the ashes.

Thank you God for the darkness. Thank you for the times I have been lost so that I could look for your light and find my way.

Thank you for the roads less traveled. They may not be the roads I would have chosen to travel on but I have learned so much more about me and about you on those roads. Who wants to be on the easy roads everyone else is on anyway? Less traffic on these roads you keep putting me on.

God, I want to say thanks for getting me out of my box and helping me share you. I know you will use what I write to touch someone just at the right time. I am sorry for the times I doubt myself and wonder if anyone is really reading them. That is not for me to worry about but for you to handle.

Thank you God for the battles you have won on my behalf. I know without a doubt that you have defeated the enemy for me without me even knowing I was being attacked.

Most of all  I want to thank you God for loving me and accepting me just as I am. I don’t even want to think about the things I would do to be accepted by this world if that were not true. I know because you made me that I can just be me and not worry about needing others acceptance. Thank you for sending your son Jesus to  die for my sins so that I could live free of guilt and shame.

For The Heartbreak by Downhere – 

Thank God For The Pain by Big & Rich – 

Beautiful Day by Jermaine Edwards – 

No More by Josh Wilson – 

I Can Just Be Me by Laura Story – 

On My Own by Ashes Remain – 

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