The First Bud Of Spring- A Love Story



It was a long, cold, dark winter. One that she didn’t think would ever end. There was snow, rain, and sleet. A couple of times there was enough ice to nearly break the branches on the trees. The little girl held on. She waited for the warmer weather, the better times, the warmth of the sun. She knew it would come, it was just a matter of time. As she waited patiently, she would say her prayers, she would thank God for protecting her and her mommy and daddy during these cold, dark, winter nights.

Finally, the day had come. The first bud of spring appeared out of the ground. The bud peeked out of her shoot and could feel the warmth surround her. She was filled with so much joy that, at first,  she didn’t notice she was the only bud sprouting. After basking in the warmth of the sunshine for a few minutes she looked around, startled that she was the only one. Where was everyone else? Was she going to be all alone? Did she come out too soon? Was colder weather coming back and she would die because of her eagerness to sprout? She was filled with fear and doubt but she stayed strong. She knew God had a plan for her. It was then that a little girl saw her and started yelling for her dad to come see the new flower. The little girl was so excited that the bud could not help but smile. Her excitement was contagious.


A little while later another bud awakened. He also took a moment to take in the warmth around him. He then looked to see if the others had awakened and that was when he saw her. She was within inches of him and he knew he would love her. It didn’t take long for her to notice him either, even though it took the help of a little girl yelling “Look, daddy, now there’s two!”


They welcomed the spring with all the other buds that started to awaken. With all the other flowers around them, they knew they were meant for each other. When the rains came, he would lean towards her to cover her petals. When the strong winds came they would lean into it together, holding stems. They were inseparable. When the bees came they opened their petals for them so they could spread their seeds to other lands where there were no flowers. They also knew that the bees relied on their pollen to take back to their hives for food. It was a beneficial relationship.  Everything was new and exciting.

Then summer came. It was a scorching summer, one like they had never seen. There was no water. Many flowers died but not our couple. They shared what they had with each other. Every little drop of moisture was shared between them. Luckily, they were also planted where they had shade for part of the day. They counted the hours down together until they were cooled by the shade. Every once in awhile the little girl would come out with a can of water and help keep them alive. They were often too tired to open their petals wide enough for the bees to come but they did their best. They knew the only way to survive this summer was with the help of others. They prayed their prayers for rain, for cooler temperatures but it was not to be. Sometimes in life, God doesn’t answer prayers and there are reasons only He knows why. They had reached a point in their relationship that they were still together, but they didn’t talk much. Too much too worry about, too much life got in the way. When was their next rain drop, how would they make it through another day without food, why couldn’t they be like they were in the spring? Did they waste this whole season of their life? They knew better because they still shared the little water they had, they still  protected each other but the excitement was gone.

Before they knew it Autumn was here. They had made it through the difficult summer and were enjoying another season of their life. The rains came again, as well as cooler weather. When he looked at her she was still the most beautiful, most loving, most caring flower in the garden. When she looked at him he was still the bravest, strongest, most handsome flower this side of Eden. They held each other’s petals more each day, knowing that their days were winding down. They reflected on the spring and the summer. Days when their love was new and days when they didn’t know if they would make it. They thought of their seeds spread far and wide, soon to be new flowers that would spread their love and beauty around the world. It wasn’t easy, they had moments of doubt but they fought for each other, they fought for their love. They survived.

Soon the cold winds blew again. They held on for as long as they could but with each passing day, their petals would fall off. They knew it wouldn’t be long now but they held on for each struggling moment. Relying on each other to get by. Praying for just one more second. She was the first to go, as she was the first to sprout. He wasn’t far behind her.


The little girl, all bundled up from the cold,  looked at her daddy and said, “Look, daddy, the first two here are they last two to leave. I wonder if they were happy here, I wonder if they were in love.”

“Now, now,” said the daddy, “we know flowers can’t fall in love but if they could, those two would definitely have been like me and your mom. Through all the seasons and all the weather, the rain, the sun, the cold, they were standing right beside each other. Holding petals all the while.”

The little girl giggled. Through the cold, dark, winter nights she was safe as she anxiously waited for the first bud of spring to blossom again.

I Will Be Here by Steven Curtis Chapman –  

Then by Brad Paisley – 

Stand By You by Rachel Platten – 

Love Like Crazy by Lee Brice – 

The End Is Not The Answer by Three Days Grace – 

Worth Fighting For by Nine Days – 

When I Said I Do by Clint Black – 

Forever Changed by Carrie Underwood – 

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Would You Go With Me by Josh Turner – 

I’ll Stand By You by The Pretenders – 

Meant To Be by JJ Heller – 

What Faith Can Do by Kutless – 



Kayhla’s Wedding


Surprised? Yes I was too when Kayhla told me she was moving to Virginia, and she wanted to marry Joey, someone I had never met. She just moved back home and out of a bad relationship. I just got her home and was hoping to spend some time with her. I had never met Joey nor did I know anything about him or his family. When she told me I told her I did not approve. I thought it was too soon. I was trying to look out for her best interests and maybe, just maybe, I was being a little selfish.


I don’t know her heart though and she said Joey is the one for her. They had been best friends for three years. They met at church camp. Through all of her bad relationships he was there for her. She was going to church with him now. She was scared because he is in the Air Force and could be deployed. She put her fears aside to marry the man who makes her a better person. Maybe it was time I put my fears aside also.

After meeting Joey a couple times my reservations were pushed aside. I could tell she was the Kayhla that I know and love. She was silly, goofy, laughing and happy around him. He told me how he adores her and will  treat her like God would want him to treat her.  He slowly won me over over the last three months.


20 years ago God gave me a baby girl to take care of. I raised her the best I could. Made many mistakes on the way but I was always there for her, and I always will be. On October 3rd, I gave her away to another man. A man who I hope will hold his promise to me.


All I know is that I have to give it all to God. Let Him direct her steps. Let Him direct their steps. All my worries and fears are gone because I know God is there.

Like their pastor said I can only pray that they will put God first in their marriage. That they will put the other person second and that they will put their own selves last. Communicate. Isn’t that what marriage is? It definitely isn’t easy but put God first and the rest will fall into place.

Congratulations Kayhla and Joey. I pray you have many many years to love each other. Welcome to the family Joey. I love you daughter. I don’t know if I will get used to seeing you on social media as Kayhla Reichert. Who is that? I will get used to it, eventually.

I pray you two ask God for help each day in strengthening your marriage.


My Baby Girl by Sol Knopf – a video to Kayhla 

God Gave You To Me by The Hoskins Family – 

A Promise To Daughter from the movie Courageous – 

Marriage Prayer by John Waller – 

This Ring by T Carter – 

Take My Hand by Emily Hackett and Will Anderson – 

Better Today by Coffey Anderson – 

Beautiful In White by Westlife – 

I Do by Westlife – 

When I Say I Do by Matthew West – 

See You Tonight by Scotty McCreery – Kayhla and Joey’s song –