Kayhla’s Wedding


Surprised? Yes I was too when Kayhla told me she was moving to Virginia, and she wanted to marry Joey, someone I had never met. She just moved back home and out of a bad relationship. I just got her home and was hoping to spend some time with her. I had never met Joey nor did I know anything about him or his family. When she told me I told her I did not approve. I thought it was too soon. I was trying to look out for her best interests and maybe, just maybe, I was being a little selfish.


I don’t know her heart though and she said Joey is the one for her. They had been best friends for three years. They met at church camp. Through all of her bad relationships he was there for her. She was going to church with him now. She was scared because he is in the Air Force and could be deployed. She put her fears aside to marry the man who makes her a better person. Maybe it was time I put my fears aside also.

After meeting Joey a couple times my reservations were pushed aside. I could tell she was the Kayhla that I know and love. She was silly, goofy, laughing and happy around him. He told me how he adores her and will  treat her like God would want him to treat her.  He slowly won me over over the last three months.


20 years ago God gave me a baby girl to take care of. I raised her the best I could. Made many mistakes on the way but I was always there for her, and I always will be. On October 3rd, I gave her away to another man. A man who I hope will hold his promise to me.


All I know is that I have to give it all to God. Let Him direct her steps. Let Him direct their steps. All my worries and fears are gone because I know God is there.

Like their pastor said I can only pray that they will put God first in their marriage. That they will put the other person second and that they will put their own selves last. Communicate. Isn’t that what marriage is? It definitely isn’t easy but put God first and the rest will fall into place.

Congratulations Kayhla and Joey. I pray you have many many years to love each other. Welcome to the family Joey. I love you daughter. I don’t know if I will get used to seeing you on social media as Kayhla Reichert. Who is that? I will get used to it, eventually.

I pray you two ask God for help each day in strengthening your marriage.


My Baby Girl by Sol Knopf – a video to Kayhla 

God Gave You To Me by The Hoskins Family – 

A Promise To Daughter from the movie Courageous – 

Marriage Prayer by John Waller – 

This Ring by T Carter – 

Take My Hand by Emily Hackett and Will Anderson – 

Better Today by Coffey Anderson – 

Beautiful In White by Westlife – 

I Do by Westlife – 

When I Say I Do by Matthew West – 

See You Tonight by Scotty McCreery – Kayhla and Joey’s song –