Why Not Mine?


In a world with so many good poems, stories and songs

Why would I ever think any of mine would find a home?

I’ve been rejected every time I tried

With each no, a little piece of me died

I wasn’t born to stop, wasn’t born to quit

These words in my head come out like this

I’ll put pen to paper and try another tune

Maybe this one will make it to the moon

Another no will probably come my way

All I know is tomorrow is a new day

Maybe I’ll have to write a thousand more

Before the one that gets me to that open door

I try to be witty, clever and smart

The best ones come when I write from the heart

In a world filled with a million good poems and stories

Maybe this one will be remembered when they are in their forties

In a world filled with a million good songs

Maybe this one will be the one they sing a long

If not maybe it’ll be the next one to pop out of my head

Maybe I’ll be like Bach , be more popular when I’m dead.

Born To Try by Delta Goodrem – 

Try by Hayden Panettiere – 

Trying To Matter by Gary Allan – 

Die Trying by Art of Dying – 

God Didn’t Give Up by Deitrick Haddon – 

I’ll Die Tryin by Lonestar – 

Fix You by Coldplay –