The Battle

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It wasn’t a good night. Alone again. Alone  with my thoughts. Alone with my doubts. Alone with my past regrets. That’s when I realized I wasn’t alone. Something, or someone was there with me. I could feel it. I would rather face off against Freddie Krueger.

I could feel it before I could see it. I looked around but I was the only one here.  Fear crept in.  The only sound was the sound of my too loud beating heart. Evil lurked. Looking for a place to land. It only needed a small opening and it waited patiently.  I wasn’t going to let it in, but it waited. Evil is patient, waiting for its opportunity.

I fought the invisible evil.  It wasn’t going to win. Doubts would sink in. At times I believed the lies. I was stronger than this. I had a power inside of me. I often forgot about this power. I often forgot about the strength it gave me. I wasn’t going to forget this time.  I also knew I couldn’t do it alone.  I yelled out to God.

The evil was gone. A peace overcame me. I stopped shaking. My heart calmed. I wasn’t naive though. I knew the evil would be back. It doesn’t give up easily.  More importantly, I knew neither did God.

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I had to get out of the house.

I liked walking on the beach. The wind coming off the ocean, the smell of it. The way the moon and stars shined their light off the waves.  I could walk for miles. It was relaxing but there were no stars to light my way tonight. Only the light of a full moon, and it didn’t seem to be as bright as it should have been.

I walked along the beach. Even the waves didn’t sound the same. Like they were whispering to me.  There was definitely a thickness in the air.

Something just didn’t feel right. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Was something in the house with me? Was it just my imagination? I couldn’t quite shake the feeling.

That’s when I saw him. Well, I guess I should say it. I couldn’t quite make out the form in the darkness but something was definitely there. He, or it, was hiding in the darkness under the pier.

My heart was starting to beat fast. Stop it, I said to myself. This is just your imagination acting up. There is nothing to fear.

I was getting closer to the pier.  Maybe 30 feet away. I took a deep breath. My mind was playing tennis. Volley to the left, it’s going to be okay. Volley to the right, be prepared. It’s going to be you or him. Volley left, volley right. That’s when he stepped out and I could see it in his eyes. Volley right it is.

I had no weapon. Or at least I thought I had no weapon. God, be with me. I heard the scream, I saw the light.  That’s when I fell to the ground.

Did someone sneak up behind me and hit me in the head? What was that light? I quickly did a self check and realized I wasn’t hurt. I  looked up looking for the man but he was nowhere to be found. What just happened?

Add that to my list of weird things happening tonight. The list would be getting longer.

I know what you are thinking. I should turn around and just go back home. Lock myself in my room and say goodnight.  I could not do that.  I should’ve done that but something was telling me to keep moving forward.

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I heard the screams.  I ran to them. I know you are yelling for me to run away from them. I was thinking the same thing!  I couldn’t do it. I am not a hero but I had to see if there was anything I could do.

They were huddled together at the dead end of a one way street. The look of terror on their faces is something I can never forget. They were looking upward. I followed their eyes and then I saw them. There had to be at least twenty, maybe more, of them. The legion of demons were hideous. They were attacking relentlessly.  They disgusted me.

At one time or another they were all a part of my life.  I am a sinner and I knew them all by name. There was greed, lust, fear, addiction, hopelessness, negative, pride, envy. I knew them well. There was also wrath, sloth, doubt, low self-esteem, failure, sorrow, gossip and hate. Many more I will not name  but they were all following their leader Baal. I was actually surprised to see him. They usually let their minions do the work and don’t show their faces. With him here, I knew this was going to be a long battle.

That’s when I saw the glow. I looked down and I was shining like a light. I wasn’t alone. I looked around and there were many others with me. We had been brought together for this moment. We are the light of the world and now was the time to defeat the darkness.

We lit up the dark night. Many of the demons ran when they saw the light. Many others chose to fight. The light was their enemy. The truth was their adversary. Hope was their opponent. We were their prosecutors.

After a long, bloody, hard fought battle we were victorious.  There was sadness in our victory. We lost some friends in the battle but they will forever be remembered as heroes. We will fight the good fight. Where there are demons, so will we be. We will honor the truth and defend it with our lives.

They will be back.  We will be here when they return.

We are the light of the world and we will shine victorious.

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How Satan Works vs How God Works

I am trying to spend more time with the family since school starts back in a few weeks. Where did this summer go? Seems like just a few days ago I wrote 23 days down, 59 days to go and now we are on the short end of those 59 days left. The devil lied when he said I had more time.

That leads me to thinking about all the lies the devil tries to get us to believe. Have you heard the saying “man plans, God laughs?” Meaning of course that God is in control of all our plans. What about the man falls for devils lies, deceptions, and trickery and the devil laughs harder. Probably not since I just made it up but can you picture it? Devil tricks us into sinning then laughs so hard he falls out of his chair because he got us again. When we fall for the devils foolery, we fall farther away from God and that’s what the devil wants.

As many of you know I have been trying to raise $2000 to finish our cd. The devil knows that God will use my words and music to change someone. All it takes is for one person to change and the devil is defeated. This is how he tried to defeat me but I won’t allow him. My wife’s car broke down and we had to fix it. Cost $1430. My wife’s laptop then decided it would rather be a coaster than a computer. Since she needs it for her business we had to replace it. Cost $600. Do you think it’s a coincidence that when I could use $2000 to spread Gods word I get hit with $2030 in bills?

The devil will not faze me though, maybe in the past he would have but not now. God has had many people listen to the song and send me positive thoughts on it. I have many musician twitter followers so maybe God will plant the seed in them to collaborate with me. I don’t know God’s plan but whatever it is, it is good and it will happen in time. I just have to be patient. I waited five years to get this first song out so…  I know it will happen when God says it will happen.

We then get the opportunity to sign with a label in Columbus where I don’t have to worry about the costs and the devil throws another wrench at me. Lily says she isn’t for sure at this point in her life if she wants to pursue music as a career. She loves to sing and worship and she has a lovely voice but she is afraid that singing as a career might take the fun out of singing. Plus she is 19 and in college and is still figuring out her life. The old me would be discouraged and quit writing and give up, just what the devil wants.

The new me says ok God, one door partially closes, I will wait for another to open. Maybe it’s one of my new musician friends, maybe it’ll be Lily at a later time if God puts it on her heart. I totally understand Lily’s thoughts and I pray that someday, whenever that day will be,  she will see what an impact her voice can have on people. Until then, I will keep writing.

The devil says see, I told you you weren’t good enough. No one is even reading your stuff. You are just wasting your time. Go do something else. Fly a kite, twiddle your thumbs, whatever. Anything would be better than doing what you are doing. Put your thoughts out there and no one even reads them. Ha you are a joke.

God then has someone from Cambodia or Ireland or Cayman Islands or anywhere United States read my words. People I could never reach on my own. God has someone that is struggling with what I am struggling with read my words and tell me thanks for helping them. When I have nothing to say on my own, God says “keep going, write this.”

The devil says look at all the decay in this world. You people keep destroying fields that feed you to put up more office buildings, more houses, more parking lots. You people are greedy and I love it. More, more, more. That’s all you need. Destroy yourselves. You are all sinners. God doesn’t love you. Why would He let you go through this if He did.

God says:  Will you believe in Me when your faith is tested? Will you praise Me in the storms?

The devil says why would you want to suffer for someone you can’t even see? Look at all these people all over the world that have nothing to eat, no home, no water. Look at all these people that worship your God who are persecuted, maimed, killed for what they believe in.

Then God gives me an email get your free book. I ignore it for a few days then open it and decide to order it. Then I get another email for a free book so I order it also. What have I to lose? They are free (donate if you can). All I can say is I have not suffered enough. My life is too blessed. I haven’t read through all of these books yet but from what I have These books have opened my eyes and my heart. They tell me they have suffered so much for what they believe in, I can do better to spread the word about what I believe in. If you get the chance to get these books please do. Hearts of Fire by Voice of the Martyrs and Revolution In World Missions by K.P. Yohannan. I also get a monthly magazine from Voice of the Martyrs. They will change your life.

The devil won’t win. God will destroy him. It’s your choice to choose to let him defeat you or to choose joy in your life. I choose joy.

Don’t be one of the many that will look on in disbelief and say I didn’t know when Jesus returns and defeats the evil of this world.

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