Love Not Hate- Teach A Human Day

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I was having a hard time getting out of bed

So many negative thoughts in my head

Things like why can’t we learn from past mistakes

And why are we so full of hate

I was feeling really depressed

But I got up and got dressed

Maybe a nature walk will clear my mind

Talk to some animals, some peace I might find

The thing is, I didn’t expect to hear an answer

But out of nowhere came hate is like cancer

If left unchecked, it spreads like a wildfire

But it can be cured, hard work and love is required

I looked all around but not another human was found

I looked in the sky then looked to the ground

Then looked back up to see an eagle looking down at me

He stared me in the eyes and asked if I believed

If light can overcome this world so dark

To look deep inside to what was in my heart

Then a hundred or more birds flew into view

I stared in disbelief, not sure what to do

Then I looked at the eagle again

He said: you are not alone my friend

I wish we could learn from our past mistakes

And even now, when we wonder what it takes

For us all to love those that are different

We must make the effort, we must be deliberate

To open our eyes to the blindness

To walk hand in hand in kindness

To be open minded, to empathize

To be genuine, listen and never lie

To do small things with great love

Expect nothing in return but keep showing up

Give words of affirmation, be compassionate

Teach love by showing love, be an advocate

Ask how can you help, have empathy

We make it harder than it has to be

Love your enemies, pray for those who intend hurt

Give a hand to those down in the dirt

Let your light shine, do good deeds

I don’t know why but I said: send me

Then all the birds nodded their heads

All those yellows, browns , blacks, blues and reds

As I looked around, I felt my heart soften

But the eagle said: I must give words of caution

There will be some who will always hate

No matter how much light you bring to the day

But keep stepping, never give up, keep shining your light

I believe one day, we will drive the darkness out of the night

Comeback by Aaron Kelim (feat Vaughn Biggs)-

I’m Gonna Love by David Phelps-

Equals by The Alarm-

Faith Sees In The Dark by We Are Messengers-

Brighter Days by Blessing Offor-

Better Days by Dermot Kennedy-

4 thoughts on “Love Not Hate- Teach A Human Day

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    These words ring so true and would certainly change the state of our world today, but as long as there is even a speck of darkness, there will be hate. On the other hand, with just a speck of light God has changed everything.

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