Love Not Hate – Tragedy in Texas

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All the juvenile birds gathered at the big oak tree

They all had tears in their eyes and thought it could’ve been me

Their parents stood close by

They too, had tears in their eyes

They waited until the eagle swooped down

He stood there with them all on the ground

He wiped his eyes and bowed his head

He then looked up and sadly said

“Tragedy once more has taken hold of our land,

These are the things we can not ever understand.

We teach love, kindness we show and words we tell

But it seems like evil yet again prevails.

Sometimes, like you, I want to give up

But we can’t, we must continue to love.”

Then the eagle said, “let’s pray this won’t happen again.”

But then a little robin asked, “don’t you mean when?”

And the eagle for a moment was out of words

Then he composed himself and looked out at the birds

“Little ones, do not be scared to speak up

I know you’re hurting so much

But now is not the time to withdraw , to be silent

We need to hear your voice in these times of violence.

We need to know your hurt , see your tears

We need to hear your words, hear your fears.

And maybe it’s you little friends

That need to give us hope again.

And parents, hold these little ones tight.

And when you tuck them in tonight,

Let them know how much they are loved

And that we, they, can never give up!

That we must continue to see the good

And remember on this branch is where we stood

When we all began to learn

When our prayers were heard

When our world finally woke

And heard our words for years we spoke

Enough is enough is enough

Stop hate, love birds love!

Go home tonight

And let your eyes cry.

Tonight let there be sorrow,

But there will be hope tomorrow.

For tomorrow birds, our work begins again

Give grace, forgive, love, be a friend

Yes tonight, birds, let the tears come as we hold each other tight

Tomorrow, tomorrow my friends, love will rise!”

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