Songs For Our Times # 30

Can't we have peace? Asks Arie Camp in new single 'What We Need' ft. Alena  Pitts | Step FWD UK Christian Chart

I believe music can inspire, give hope, make you cry, make you think, and a million other things. I want to start posting some music that I really think speak to the times we are in. As you know, I listen to everything so tune in every day, never know what you will get.

For our 30th song, I chose a new song by Arie Camp and Alena Pitts called What We Need. These two young girls are very talented. Arie is Jeremy Camp’s young daughter and if you know me, and my wife, Jeremy is our favorite Christian singer. We have seen him in concert numerous times and met him the same.


With liberty and justice for all
We need to stand up when others fall
We’ll fight for each other, we’re one let’s stand together
No matter what race we all need his grace

Can’t we have peace
All I want what we need
Can’t we have love
We’re all made from the one above

Violence more hearts are silenced
Excuses that don’t add up
We’re all chosen and beloved
So let love come down
Let’s tear up this ground
And the walls that we built

This world is broken all our tears have made oceans
Lord come down we need You now

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