New Music Friday 6/5/17

Ok, so I have fallen way behind on my new music posts. Yes, I know it is a Monday but it has been almost 3 months since I did new music.  In order to get caught up I will post many this week. In order of simplicity for me, I will post by artists in alphabetical order instead of by the dates they came out.

Several new followers over the last 3 months. I will break them up over the next few posts.

Not Your Girl by Bonnie Irwin-  

The Mirror That Hates by Forfeit Thee Untrue – 

Thanks for all the follows, musicians and non-musicians.  Some other music from non-followers I have listened to recently.  Pick out a few you haven’t heard and take a listen.

Aaron Shust:
Death Was Arrested (Live)

Resurrecting (Live)

Heartbeat (Live) – 

Aaron Watson:

Texas Lullaby

These Old Boots Have Roots

Be My Girl

They Don’t Make Em Like They Used To


Outta Style

Run Wild Horses

Big Love In A Small Town

The Arrow

Rolling Stone

Diamonds & Daughters – 

Aimee Mann:

Lies Of Summer – 

Alison Krauss:

It’s Goodbye And So Long To You

Windy City

I Never Cared For You

River In The Rain

Gentle On My Mind

Losing You – 

Allison Crutchfield:

Broad Daylight

Mile Away

Secret Lives And Deaths

Chopsticks On Pots And Pans –  

Anderson East:

What Would It Take- 

Andrew Combs:



Silk Flowers

What It Means To You – 

Andrew McMahon:

Don’t Speak For Me (True)

Fire Escape

Dead Man’s Dollar

Shot Out Of A Cannon

Walking In My Sleep

Love and Great Buildings

So Close – 

Angaleena Presley:

High School


Bless My Heart


I Tried Cheer Up

Little Darling


Good Girl Down

Motel Bible –  





Never Hurt Again

Almost Over You

Won’t Know Where You Stand

I Gave It All



Low Light

Always Done What You Say


As It Is:

Pretty Little Distance


Hey Rachel


Love No Way Out


The Coast Is Where Home Is

Still Remembering –  

As Lions:
The Suffering
Bury My Dead
Selfish Age
White Flags
World On Fire
One By One
The Fall
The Great Escape

Aftermath – 


Angel In Your Eye – 




.She Wants Love

Ras Vader Rollercoaster

Gone Girl

One In A Million

Summer Fling-  

The Band Of Heathens:

Last Minute Man –  

Bash & Pop:

Anything Could Happen

Never Wanted To Know


Beth Hart:

Jazz Man

Love Is A Lie

Fat Man

Baby Shot Me Down

Good Day To Cry

Picture In A Frame

No Place Like Home-  

Blackie and The Rodeo Kings:

Secret Of A Long Lasting Love – 

Bobby Rush:

Me, Myself and I – 

Brad Paisley:

Heaven South
Last Time For Everything
One Beer Can
Go To Bed Early
Contact High
Gold All Over The Ground
The Devil Is Alive And Well
Meaning Again                                                                                                                                Love And War Brad Paisley Feat. John Fogerty
Drive Of Shame Brad Paisley Feat. Mick Jagger
Solar Power Girl Brad Paisley Feat. Timbaland

Dying To See Her Feat Bill Anderson- 

Brady Rhymer and the Little Band That Could:

Me On The Map

It’s A Beauty

The Only One

Your Love Turns The World Around

Switcheroo Day – 

Brett Young:

Sleep Without You
Close Enough
Like I Loved You
Olivia Mae
Left Side Of Leavin’
You Ain’t Here To Kiss Me
Back On The Wagon
Makin’ Me Say Yes
Memory Won’t Let Me
Beautiful Believer

In Case You Didn’t Know – 

Brett Younker:

Build My Life-  



Lost In You
Sky Turns Day Glo
Toma Mi Corazón
The Beat Of Your Heart
Ray Of Light
The Edge Of Love

Mad Love – 



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