It’s October

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Since it is October 5th, I would hope most of you realized it is October.  The month of Halloween, camp fires, s’mores, roasting hot dogs on the camp fire.  Scary stories, witches and goblins. Cooler weather, leaves changing colors.

It is also the month of The Nationwide Children’s Half and Full Marathon that I once again will NOT be running. I signed up for the full knowing I was there mentally but had to get there physically. I did not. More injuries.  This time it is my left knee. It pops every time I straighten it. I don’t think that is a good thing. I think it is time to get checked out and get both my knees fixed.  Something to look forward to next year.

It is also the month for just about every cause and every thing there is. It is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, National Domestic Abuse/Violence Awareness Month, Stand Up To Bullying, Pastor Appreciation, Pizza,  Child Abuse Awareness Month, Cyber Security Awareness Month, Healthy Lung Month, Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15-Oct. 15), Jazz Awareness Month, Lupus Awareness Month, National Alcohol Awareness Week (Oct. 4-10), National Brain Injury Awareness Month,  National Disability Employment Awareness Month, National Down Syndrome Awareness Month, National Latino AIDS Awareness Day (Oct. 15), National Liver Awareness Month, National Orthodontic Health Month, National Spina Bifida Awareness Month, Psoriasis Awareness Month, Rett Syndrome Awareness Month, Vegetarian Awareness Month, World Food Day (Oct. 16), and World Hepatitis Awareness Day (Oct. 1).

If that wasn’t enough, we also have:

AIDS Awareness Month ,Adopt A Dog Month LinkAdopt A Shelter Dog Month, American Cheese Month, American Pharmacists Month LinkAntidepressant Death Awareness Month,  Apple Month LinkBat Appreciation Month, Black Speculative Fiction Month  LinkBullying Prevention Month Link(World) Blindness Awareness Month LinkCaffeine Addiction Recovery Month,Celiac Disease Awareness Month, Celebrating The Bilingual Child Month, Children’s Magazine Month
Christmas Seal Campaign (10/1-12/31)
Church Library Month
Church Safety and Security Month
Class Reunion Month Link
Co-op Awareness Month
Corn Month Link
Country Music Month Link
Cut Out Dissection Month
Domestic Violence Awareness Month
Down Syndrome Awareness Month Link
Dyslexia Awareness Month
Eat Better, Eat Together Month
Emotional Intelligence Awareness Month
Emotional Wellness Month
Employee Ownership Month Link
Energy Management is a Family Affair-Improve Your Home Month (10/1-3/31/13)
Eye Injury Prevention Month Link (Note: There is also one in July.)
Fair Trade Month Link
Financial Planning Month Link
Feral Hog Month or Hog Out Month  Link
Gay & Lesbian History Month
German-American Heritage Month
Global ADHD Awareness Month Link
Global Diversity Awareness Month
Go Hog Wild – Eat Country Ham
Halloween Safety Month
Head Start Awareness Month Link
Health Literacy Month
Home Eye Safety Month
Italian-American Heritage Month Link
International Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) Awareness Month
International Starman Month
International Strategic Planning Month
International Walk To School Month  Link
Intergeneration Month
Learn To Bowl Month  Link

LGBT History Month Link
Long Term Care Planning Month
Month of Free Thought
National Animal Safety and Protection Month
National Arts & Humanities Month
National Audiology/Protect Your Hearing Month
National Bake and Decorate Month
National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month
National Caramel Month  Link
National Chili Month
National Chiropractic Health Month
National Cookbook Month
National Crime Prevention Month
National Critical Illness Awareness Month
National Cyber Security Awareness Month Link
National Dental Hygiene Month
National Depression Education & Awareness Month
National Ergonomics Month Link
National Family Sexuality Education Month – Let’s Talk! Link
National Field Trip Month
National “Gain The Inside Advantage” Month
National Go On A Field Trip Month
National Kitchen & Bath Month Link
National Medical Librarian Month
National Medicine Abuse Awareness Month  Link
National Physical Therapy Month
National Popcorn Poppin’ Month
National Pork Month Link
National Protect Your Hearing Month Link
National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month Link
National Reading Group Month
National Roller Skating Month
National RSV Awareness Month Link
National Sarcastic Awareness Month
National Seafood Month Link
National Stamp Collecting Month
National Stop Bullying Month
National Substance Abuse Prevention Month Link
National Toilet Tank Repair Month Link
National Window Covering Safety Month Link
National Work and Family Month
National Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Awareness Month
Organize Your Medical Information Month
Photographer Appreciation Month
Polish American Heritage Month
Positive Attitude Month
Raptor Month
Right Brainers Rule! Month
Sausage Month Link
Self-Promotion Month
Spinach Lovers Month
Squirrel Awareness Month Link (Different Than Squirrel Appreciation Day in January)
Tackling Hunger Month Link  
 (Campbell Soup Sponsor.  Not the same as Hunger Month in September by 2nd Harvest.)
Talk About Prescriptions Month
Wishbones for Pets Month (10/15 – 11/30)
Women Walking In Their Own Shoes Month
Workplace Politics Awareness Month
World Menopause Month

I think October is pretty busy.  I wonder why some of these organizations don’t pick another month?

I have written about many of these and will reblog them this month as well as my scary short stories, in case anyone has missed them. I may even surprise you and write a new short story.

Happy October.

Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day – 

October Road by James Taylor – 

Last October by Green River Ordinance – 

October Trees by Ron Pope – 

Early October by Anderson East – 

13 thoughts on “It’s October

  1. Wow you sure put October into perspective!!!
    About your knees….I feel your dilemma! I was told in 2005 I’d need a partial knee replacement by 2010. I’ve already got a titanium rod in my neck and swore off anymore of that! Sooooo found another doc in 2010 and after hardly being able to walk around Walmart, let alone run again (was my passion for 25 years). He really disagreed with a partial knee replacement. He asked me what do you want to do? I said I just want to have a normal but active life. He said what up with that entail? I said I would at least like to walk a few miles every day. I had been doing that but now I couldn’t even walk around the block. He said but let’s try something less invasive first. I was all ears. So I began five years worth of ortho visc knee injections. I pretty much had instant relief and before I knew it could walk a mile. We only did the one knee for about two years. The other knee began to be aggravated, probably because I had favored the other knee so much. The injections had to be done once a week for three weeks every six months. It was a bit of a pain, but now six years later both knees are great, and if you followed our blog you know that I can do some major hiking and walking. At Myrtle Beach we walked 5 miles on the beach and when we hike, I can go as many as 9 miles! Just something to think about before you do anything drastic. I do know people who have had knee replacements that have gone on to continue to be active, playing golf for example. But as I said I’ve already experienced one piece of metal stuck in my body, I’m done with it, Lord willing!!! Btw, my running days did enter a decade ago, but I am just elated that I can walk/hike the way I now walk/hike. In fact, if I go three days without a good walk, my knees ache.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you for the info. I have a torn meniscus in my right knee. I couldn’t run for awhile and doctor told me as long as I could do everything else then not to mess with it. After awhile I heard God say go run and I did and have been. This time it’s the left knee. It pops but I can still walk without pain and ride bike and things like that. I think it’s getting better, not popping every time but maybe every 3rd time. I just know I’m not running a marathon in 10 days 🙂

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      1. I’ve had a torn meniscus 1996 – had to scoped and that’s where the part of needing a partial knee replacement came in. Research now shows that’ll happen a lot! A friend tore his and had is scoped-he’s a lot older than I was at the time. He’s not been able to run since! I was back out after 2 weeks. Young, dumb and addicted to running!

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        1. lol yep me too. Mine is torn where doctor says it can’t be fixed, only taken out. They have an experimental thingy now they can put in to replace a meniscus. I am looking into it but it’s only in beginning stages. I don’t want to quit running.


      1. marijo1245

        We checked out the link included and she wants a membership. Her birthday is the 12th and that would be perfect. I told her she could adopt one from the yard for free

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  2. marijo1245

    Well, happy campfire hot dog and s’mores month to you too! Although Dog and I will camp inside this year, it’s still too hot and muggy out there! Eat a pumpkin, their delicious and nutritious!

    Liked by 1 person

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