Behind These Shades


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Behind these shades

Eyes are a little blood shot

Sitting here with just my thoughts

Lord knows I’ve seen better days

Behind these shades

I don’t see the world as it is

I think there has to be more than this

Lord knows I need to escape

Behind these shades

I can live in my own little corner

I can be a remarkable performer

Lord knows I’ve done it for decades

Behind these shades

I wonder what it’s all about

No one hears me when I shout

Lord knows I need to change my ways

Behind these shades

I can hide my pain

I know I’m the one to blame

Lord knows the demons that raid

Behinds these shades

I can hide my tears

I can hide my fears

Lord knows all these things I hate

Behind these shades

I can smile and disguise

Happy with a pocketful of lies

Lord knows I need His aid

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Behind these shades

The battle rages

Turning pages

Lord, He patiently waits


Behind these shades

Across this great divide

I can never hide

From God whose love never fades

Behind these shades

A light starts to shine

A light so bright it blinds

Lord knows nothing separates

I take off these shades

My mind blocks out the fiction

I can remember the crucifixion

All the lies evaporate

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5 thoughts on “Behind These Shades

  1. marijo1245

    Such a good reminder that God is ever-present in our lives and He refuses to leave us alone, no matter where we hide! Thank God I’m never totally alone!

    Great post! Thanks for sharing today!

    Liked by 1 person

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