New, Forgotten, Unknown 6/3/16 New Music Friday

Three  new musician followers this week.  Take a listen, might find someone new that you really like their music.  Please feel free to share/purchase the song I wrote the lyrics to,  Lily Messer is the voice and Ceylon Wise is the producer. I have many more songs I would like to get out there but can not financially afford to record them. If interested in teaming up together, feel free to contact me.

Stranger by Harbors – 

Candela by Cinco Santos – 

We’re Going On An Adventure ep 24 by Josh Taylor – 


Thanks for all the follows, musicians and non-musicians.

Some other music from non-followers I have listened to recently.  Pick out a few you haven’t heard and take a listen. In trying not to put way too songs on here I am going to start putting 1 or 2 per band max and just tell you the entire cd, or 90%,  is good and I would recommend purchasing it or checking out more songs on your own.  I may add more artists and their new cd’s as I listen to more songs from them. Not all the way through all of them yet.

Javier Colon – Gravity CD

Lonestar –  Never Enders CD

Josh Kelley – New Lane Road CD

Kris Allen –  Letting You In CD

Till The End Of The Day by Ace Frehley – 

Lucky by Aurora – 

Middle of A Memory by Cole Swindell –  

Same Old Story by From Ashes to New –  

This Path Tonight by Graham Nash –  

My Perspective by Javier Colon – 

Silence by JJ Heller –  

Rest Now by JJ Weeks Band –  

Morning Light by Josh Garrels –  

It’s Your Move  by Josh Kelley –  

That Could Still Be Us by Keith Urban –  

Time Will Come by Kris Allen –

Scarred by Like Pacific –  

Sun Keeps Risin’by Lissie –  

My Own Hometown  by Lonestar – 

The Middle Ages by Mary Chapin Carpenter – 


and our song:

I Question You by Lily Messer – 

On Itunes :

3 thoughts on “New, Forgotten, Unknown 6/3/16 New Music Friday

  1. marijo1245

    I enjoy Fridays…I enjoy discovering new music…it’s become my Friday night ritual, listening!! Thanks. I can only imagine the effort this takes!

    Liked by 1 person

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