The Music Never Dies


With her husband and her beliefs all her dreams came true

She was able to sing country and songs of faith for me and you

Even on her sickest of days she never wavered in her faith

We will miss you Joey Feek. March 4th the day you passed away

Little Red Corvette was the first song stuck in my brain

But the one I can’t forget is Purple Rain

He could have many albums called greatest hits

But the day he died April 21, I will not forget

Craig Strickland you died way too young

Just when your career had begun

I had just discovered Backroad Anthem

January 4th, you disappeared before you could go platinum

I never listened to a lot of your tunes

If they weren’t on the radio so I know I missed quite a few

Changes, Rebel Rebel, Let’s Dance, Dancing In The Streets

Mr. Bowie, after January 10, we will miss  your beats

Your legacy with the Eagles few can deny

But when I was 14, Sexy Girl really caught my eye

On January 18th, after a long battle, you passed away

A life of influence in music gone that day


On April 6th you passed away

Crazy how you left on your birthday

Most of your music was before my time

As I listen now the talent gone brings a tear to my eye

Paul Kantner, Papa Wemba , Jane Little,  Les Waas,  Nick Menza, Lonnie Mack, Otis Clay

Just a few more we will only hear the music they made yesterday

Signe Anderson,  Emilio Navaira, Gogi Grant, Lennie Baker, Maurice White

All were here then passed away like the stars in the night

John Bunch, Keith Emerson, Daryl Coley, Guy Clark, John Berry, Leon Haywood , Billy Paul

These are just a few that have passed this year, I am sure I didn’t get them all

Even though they have left this life

They left us music that never dies

When I’m Gone by Joey & Rory – 

Purple Rain by Prince –  

Torn by Craig Strickland of Backroad Anthem – 

Changes by David Bowie – 

Collection of Songs by Glenn Frey –  

Mama Tried by Merle Haggard –  


6 thoughts on “The Music Never Dies

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  2. marijo1245

    Plus…I now have “American Pie” by Don McLean stuck in my head. There are some I can remember where I was and I what I was doing when I heard the news…a trip down memory lane today! Thanks!

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