Now That I Know The Words

I have heard the words before

But I never listened for the meaning

They never had me wanting more

I can’t say I was much for believing


I tried to  hum the words silently

I tried to  put them in a song

I  fumbled them quite easily

Never ending up where they belong


Why couldn’t I get them right?

I even looked them up on the internet

I tried night after night after night

But there seemed to be some disconnect


I tried cues from Dr. Seuss

I even asked some actors

But it was no use

I never asked the one that matters

So I prayed to Jesus

A silly prayer I know

But I know He hears us

So I let it all go



Dear Jesus, help me to learn the truth

Help me to learn your words in red

Let me learn like I did in my youth

When I was oh so eager to be fed


This simple prayer I pray to remember

All the words You have taught

Then I felt a spark , a tiny ember

I started to recall all I forgot


I’m still learning, long way to go

But like you take care of the birds

You will take care of me as I grow

Now that I know the words

Believe by Brooks and Dunn – 

That Old King James by Scotty McCreery – 

What The Bible Says by The Collingsworth Family – 

Next Thing You Know by Matthew West – 

Red Letters by DC Talk – 

Family Bible by Willie Nelson – 

The Bible and The Belt by Joey & Rory – 

Read All About It by The Newsboys – 

I Want To Be Just Like You by Phillips, Craig,  Dean – 

The Great Adventure by Steven Curtis Chapman – 

There Is Power by Lincoln Brewster – 

Tell Me The Story Again by Chris Rice – 

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