New, Forgotten, Unknown 12/18/15 New Music Friday

Happy third week of December. This year has gone by in a blur.  A couple new musician followers this week. I hope by me sharing your music that you will get more fans. Please feel free to share/purchase the song I wrote with Lily Messer and Ceylon Wise. I have many more songs I would like to get out there but can not financially afford to record them. If interested in teaming up together, feel free to contact me.

Next week I will post New Music Friday on 12/26 since Friday is Christmas Day.

Awake The Fire by Forever Still – 

A Beautiful End by JR Richards – 

Music I have been listening to recently by followers and non-followers. I know there is a lot but I am revisiting some followers and listening to their music as well as non-followers. Hope you enjoy.

Enough by Natalie Grant – 

Est 1980s by Ceelo Green – 

Faithful by Greg Sykes – 

Falling Down by Neely – 

First Comes The Night by Chris Isaak – 

Flawed by Yardley Griffin Jr –  

Free Birds by The Lacs (feat. Hard Target) – 

Friends by City and Colour – 

Fully Known by JJ Heller – 

Gave It All by Travis Greene – 

Getting Surreal by The Fratellis – 

Greater Is He by Blanca – 

Growing Up by Lily Nelsen – 

Guilty by The Newsboys – 

Heartbreaker by Plaid Brixx – 

Heartbroken by Resistant Hearts – 

Heartbeat by Chris Young – 



and our song:

I Question You by Lily Messer – 

Now on i tunes :

10 thoughts on “New, Forgotten, Unknown 12/18/15 New Music Friday

    1. Thanks for listening and appreciating. It is the hardest part of my posts because it is time consuming. I love that song and her entire new cd. I try to put just 1 song each week from each artist but I think I have put one of Natalie’s on the last 2 or 3 weeks and more to come I am sure. Pray your pain is less today than yesterday.

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      1. Yes, it is. As long as I stay home and stay warm, it’s manageable. If I have to go out the next day is miserable. I’m still staying away from the immunosuppressant’s and I hope I won’t need to resort to them. I get cabin fever though…

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          1. ROTFLOL! I’ll do my best…but Misery does love company…I’d have to send Petie out to find victims for me…no more macabre thoughts, if there’s anything my husband is not it is macabre, the contrast is too hilarious.:0)

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