You Are Welcome Here

I saw the new couple enter the room. I immediately thought, c’mon, our group is fine. We don’t need a new couple here. We all get along so well now we have to get to know someone else.

I saw the new kid walking down the hallway of school. He had to be lonely and scared. Not knowing anyone. People staring. People whispering. He came from out west and didn’t look like us mid-westerners. I could’ve introduced myself, I could’ve said hi, I could’ve…

I saw the homeless outside the cafe where I was eating. It started to rain on an unusually cold September night. I saw them put the cardboard on top of their heads in a feeble attempt to stay dry. I could’ve invited them in to eat with me. I could’ve given them some relief from the cold, the rain, the hunger.

I saw her making all the wrong decisions. I saw her flirting with all the boys. I saw her wearing way too revealing clothes. I heard the other girls gossip and spread rumors. I knew her parents wouldn’t approve. I knew she was desperately just trying to fit in somewhere. She wanted to be accepted. I knew I could’ve said something.

I am constantly doing wrong. I am constantly not reaching out to love others who are not like me. I am constantly beating myself up for what I do. I constantly let shame keep me from doing the right thing the next time. I constantly doubt myself. I constantly question God on how He could love and accept me. Look at me!

I go to church on Sunday and sing Holy Spirit, You Are Welcome Here. I go to church and beg God to help me. Help me change God. Help me reach out to others. I pray that God will come into my life. I pray that He will make me strong and brave when I am weak and afraid


I drive to work Monday and complain about the stop lights. I finally get to work and complain about my co-workers. I go to work and complain about my job. I drive home and complain about the traffic. I get home and complain about my day. I complain about all the homework my kids have. I go to bed.

I didn’t think about God all day.  I didn’t tell God He was welcome to be in my car as I drove to work. I didn’t tell God He is welcome at my work. I didn’t ask my co-workers to welcome God into their lives. I didn’t welcome God into my car on my drive home. I didn’t tell God He was welcome in my home. I didn’t tell God He was welcome into my family.

I went to church and sang Holy Spirit,  You Are Welcome Here.

Will you accept God into all areas of your life? Will you accept others as they are and welcome them in your life? Is one easier to do than the other. Where are you at in welcoming God in your life?

First three are same song, different artists.

Holy Spirit by Jesus Culture – 

Holy Spirit by Francesca Battistelli – 

Holy Spirit by Kari Jobe –  same song, different singer 

Welcome In This Place by Hillsong – 

Welcome To Wherever You Are by Bon Jovi – 

You Are Welcome by Deluge – 

You Are Welcome by Forever Jones – 

Welcome All Again by Collective Soul – 

Welcome to the World by Sister Hazel – 

Welcome to the New by MercyMe – 

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