Was that..could that be…..Jesus?

Have you ever had someone come into your life that helped you but left you scratching your head wondering who they really were? Maybe they actually spent some time in your life, days or months or years. Maybe it was just for a second. After they left you wondered, could that be Jesus?

What about the people you see on the street that you don’t help? The one who is crying in a corner. The one who you see needs new shoes. The child that tells you he doesn’t get to eat at home. The last person on the bus who has no seats left, do you give up your seat? The one in front of you at the grocery store who is $10 short so has to put something back, do you pay the $10? The one who is asking people to volunteer this week because they are short help. Do you volunteer your time? What if all these people were Jesus?

On February 24th, 2015 in Colorado Springs Colorado, Shelby Hudgens, a homeless man, helped push people up that were stuck in snow. For over three hours he helped push people up and over a hill.

In Australia a new mom was in and out of the hospital with her newborn. One night she came out and saw a parking ticket on her car. She was already stressed from being in the hospital with her newborn. She then saw a note from a random stranger who paid the ticket for her.

How about a PB and Jams owner, Ashley Jiron, in Oklahoma who saw that her trash outside the shop was being rummaged through each night. She left the following note:

How about the couple, who grew up without dads, were so impressed with a dad taking his daughter out for Valentine’s Day they left a note and paid for their meal.

How about Officer Lawrence DePrimo who, on a cold night in Times Sqare saw a homeless man without shoes. He disappeared for a few minutes then came back with a new pair of boots and knelt down to help the man put them on.

We see so much bad news in the news and in our papers and on the internet but there is so much good that goes on in the world. Anonymous people who lend a helping hand. Every day heroes who don’t want recognition. All of them just doing what Jesus would do.

Maybe they are just good people. Maybe they are guardian angels. Maybe they are showing the world that Jesus is inside of them. Maybe, just maybe, they are Jesus in disguise.

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