Merry Christmas – 115 Days To Go

Some of you may be saying what? I say why not? Why wait until December 25th to celebrate the birth of our savior. Why wait until we are so busy with everything else that goes with the season that before we know it it is here and gone. Why wait until Christmas Eve to go to church?

Summer is winding down, fall is coming on and then winter will be here. This year has gone by so quick. Seems like winter just ended. I know, we still have 3 months and 22 days until winter officially begins and I will appreciate every minute of fall but..  Back to school shopping is done, Halloween is on the shelves and in probably about 30-40 days there will be Christmas items on the shelves. Wal-Mart has already started their lay-away program for Christmas. Two weeks earlier than last year. Keeping the c in commercial, not Christmas.

This is the first year that Kylie has kept the Christmas countdown up all year. We had to make some paper numbers to have all the days we needed but it is up. She actually kept up on it for a good part of the year but she has been slacking here lately. In case you were wondering, there are 115 days left. Now when you read that, how many of you are saying don’t remind me. Or something else that is negative. I know I have told people at work and here and there and it is always the same reaction, don’t remind me or I don’t even want to think about it.

When did the coming of Christmas become so negative. Is it because our society equates Christmas with shopping and busyness and parties and get-together and everything else except what the coming of Christmas is really about. The birth of Jesus. The forgiver of our sins. The only way for us to get to Heaven is through Him. Yet, He seems to be a by-product of Christmas instead of the only reason for Christmas.

Why don’t we play Christmas songs throughout the year? Obviously not the winter ones like Frosty or Rudolph or It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year but why not Mary, Did You Know or O Come All Ye Faithful or Joy to the World. Songs that remind of Jesus birth all year round. I’m not saying play them a lot but maybe once a month or something, just as a year long reminder. By the way new Christmas cd’s are made and coming out in the next few months. Looking forward to new Christmas recordings from MercyMe, Kenny Rogers, Chris Tomlin and many others as they are released.

Anyway, take a little time now before we all get to busy to thank God for sending His son Jesus to us in a manger, with no crib for a bed. Be thankful for the only reason we should be celebrating Christmas, the birth of our savior Jesus.

Merry Christmas,  115 days early.

Charlie Brown, the meaning of Christmas – 

Here are a few songs that have really touched me over the years.

Little Drummer Boy – I think this song always hits me because of the lines I have no gift to bring that’s fit to give a king. Shall I play for you? On My drum. We all can’t bring expensive gifts and that is the beauty of Jesus but all He asks is that we bring what we have, come as we are. 

Where’s the Line To See Jesus by Becky Kelley – I wish they would play this song more at Christmas time. The true reason for the season.  

His Favorite Christmas Story by Capital Lights – Jesus can make miracles happen. 

The Christmas Shoes by Newsong – Giving is better than receiving 

The Heart of Christmas by Matthew West – 

While You Were Sleeping by Casting Crowns – 

Mary Did You Know – I chose Jeremy Camp version – 

The Night Before Christmas by Brandon Heath – 

I Pray on Christmas by Harry Connick Jr. – 

Give This Christmas Away by Matthew West – 

And for those of us who may not make it to Christmas or who are already in Heaven celebrating every day with Jesus, I love these two songs.

One Last Christmas by Matthew West – 

Christmas in Heaven by Scotty McCreery – 

7 thoughts on “Merry Christmas – 115 Days To Go

  1. Reba Hansen

    This is very true. I think the commercialization of the season is what is so off-putting to a lot of people, who let it distract them from the real reason. Little Drummer Boy my favorite.

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