The Original

Have you ever heard a remake of a song and thought that isn’t as good as the original. What about a movie? Some remakes are better than the original. I believe though that most remakes aren’t as good. Sometimes I have to think about it though. I mean, if an original was 30 years ago and the remake comes out now look at how much technology has changed. The action scenes might be better. The acting may even be better. I go back and watch the original again and say hhmm, the new version is better. Go back 30 years though and the first time I saw the original it was amazing. One of the best movies I have ever seen. If that is true, then how can the remake be even better? What about a song? That song that every time you hear it it takes you back to that time. Then a new version comes out. How do you feel about it? Do you feel like it is taking those memories from you or are you open to new memories being made with the new version?

Times they are a changing my friend. Perceptions change as we get older. A new director can give a new spin on part of or all of the story line. One of your favorite singers now could remake a song from one of your favorite singers then. They could slow it down or speed it up, give a new twist to the song. They may add a new verse to make it more now. Whatever the reasons, sometimes the remake is better than the original. Sometimes it is not.

We all have one original.  One tried and true person in our life that there will never be a remake of. There will be many that will try to imitate Him. There will be many false teachers, false prophets, and false words.

There is only one King, one Lord, one Savior. There is only one God. There has never been anyone else like Him nor will there ever be anyone else like Him in the future. He is original and unique.

God made us to be original. He made us to be unique. He made us in His image. No one else in this world is like you or me. No one else has my, or your, exact personality, exact gifts, exact DNA. He doesn’t want you to live your life trying to be like this celebrity or that star. Not all of us are called to be famous. We are called to do the work God has assigned to us specifically. My words are not the most elegant but I believe God will use them for His good.

I urge you my friends to be YOU. No one else is like you so why try to be like someone else. Sometimes it will be hard being you but all you have to remember is the One who made you to be in His image. You won’t always like yourselves. I don’t always like myself, especially when I mess up. I know that even when I mess up and even when I don’t like myself there is someone who loves me, forgives me, and who wants me to follow Him and do the work He set for me to do.

Even though there are many cover songs, these are a few that I like. Of course some are from the tv shows Stalker and Grey’s Anatomy. and I really like the duets with Boyce Avenue. Not saying any of these songs are better than originals, just different.

Careless Whisper by Shinedown – 

Careless Whisper by Wham – 

Be My Baby by Snowhill – 

Be My Baby by the Ronettes – 

Fast Car by Boyce Avenue feat Kinna Grannis – 

Fast Car by Tracy Chapman – 

Simple Man by Shinedown – 

Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd – 

Every Breath You Take by Denmark & Winter – 

Every Breath You Take by the Police – 

You Give Love A Bad Name by Jax – 

You Give Love A Bad Name by Bon Jovi – 

Heaven by Boyce Avenue feat Megan Nicole – 

Heaven by Bryan Adams – 

I Want You To Want Me by Gary Jules – 

I Want You to Want Me by Cheap Trick – 

Roar by Boyce Avenue and Bea Miller –  

Roar by Katy Perry – 

Time After Time by Quietdrive – 

Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper – 

Fame by Mree – 

Fame by Irene Cara – 

Man in the Mirror by J2 –

Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson – 

and of course the old hymns that I don’t have originals on but..

Amazing Grace by Chris Tomlin – 

It Is Well by Matt Redman – 

Come Thou Fount by David Crowder Band – 

Be Thou My Vision by Rend Collective – 

Jesus Paid It All by Newsboys – 

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