I Have A Friend

If you recall I mentioned in an earlier post that I don’t have any friends, none that I would call close anyway. It is all my fault, I am to blame, I take full responsibility. I never took the time to invest in anyone else. I was okay with just being by myself. I have since figured out that this isn’t the way God wants me to live. I can’t grow as a person or in my faith without the help of others.

It is easier to burn bridges than it is to rebuild them. Why would anyone trust me now? They got close to me once and look where it led them. I can’t blame them. One thing I do know about is forgiveness. Maybe one day they will forgive me.

Now let me tell you about my friend. He loves me when I don’t love him. He accepts me for who I am. He is there to encourage me when I am discouraged. He is there to carry me when I am worn out. He looks at me with compassion when I yell at him. He always has my back, even when I stab him in his. He forgives me, even when I don’t forgive myself. He picks me up when I fall down. He waits for me when I forget the plans we had together.

He serves me and teaches me how to serve others. He prays for me and has taught me how to pray. He is patient with me and has taught me how to be patient with others. He was tempted and has taught me how to have self-control and not to give into temptation -but when I do, he forgives me. He is humble and has taught me to be humble- and when I forget and think highly of myself he is quick to remind me why I have my talents and gifts.

He is always there for me. I can call on him at six in the morning or six in the evening. He answers my call at two in the morning or two in the afternoon. Sometimes his greatest answer is no. He is generous with his time and has taught me to be generous with mine – even though I am a work in progress on learning how to be more generous with mine. He has held my hand when no one else would.

Even with all those things, what he does most is what I think a true friend does. He tells me the truth. He tells me how it is even when he knows I won’t agree with what he says. He tells me that’s a bad decision then watches me make it. He tells me I will suffer the consequences if I do it, then watches me suffer the consequences. He never once tells me I told you so. He is always there to pull me closer when I push him away. He is committed to our relationship even when I am not so committed to him.

Would you like to have a friend like that? My friend told me to share him with you so now you have a friend like I do. His name is Jesus. Will you accept his friendship.

Oh, one last thing. My friend said he would die for me and he did.

Friend Like That by Hawk Nelson – 

Me and Jesus by Stellar Kart – 

Jesus, Friend of Sinners by Casting Crowns – 

Give A Little Love by Noah the Whale – 

My Friend Jesus by Newsboys – 

New Friend Jesus by Craig Finn – 

What A Friend We Have In Jesus by many but this one Alan Jackson – 

Just Say Jesus by 7eventh Time Down – 

Beer With Jesus by Thomas Rhett – 

Jesus He Loves Me by Chris Tomlin – 

I’ve Got Friends That Do by Tim McGraw – 

Jesus Loves You by Stellar Kart – 

Love Like Jesus by Rhett Walker Band – 

Loyal by Lauren Daigle – 

Without Jesus Here With Me by Holly Williams – 

Have A Little Talk With Jesus by Brenda Lee – 

5 thoughts on “I Have A Friend

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  2. Heather Ratliff

    Your posts are inspiring. I have less friends now than ever. I have had a life that has kept me separate from them. BUT I have always had Jesus as my closest friend. Through all of my difficulties that me and my boys have gone through, He’s been there for me, thank you for this piece.

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