I Question You

Here is our song. This isn’t the final version because it still needs mastered and tweaked a little but this is pretty much it. I wrote the lyrics, Lily Messer is the voice and did some of the music- she is amazing and every time I hear her sing she just captivates me, David McGuire who also is part of our church is on drums and Ceylon Wise from too wise productions did the rest of the music and mixing and production work.

This is how amazing God works and how it is all in His time. I wrote this song five years ago and when I was throwing away everything else I wrote, for some reason I kept this one. Five years ago Kylie started kindergarten and out of three teachers she could’ve had, she had Mrs. Chaffin.  Over the next year or so I had thoughts to give the song to our worship leader or see if he knew anyone that would do it but God kept telling me to wait. Fast forward a few years and our church had a senior graduation party for the seniors, which Kayhla was one. While we were there, the band played and Lily, who was a junior,  was one of the singers. When I heard her voice the world stopped and God said that’s who I want you to give the song to. I wasn’t listening to God then because I still had fear and didn’t think the song was anything. Fast forward seven months and my wife gets her personal training certificate. Two months after that she runs into Mrs. Chaffin at the park and she knew Kim ran and worked out so she asked Kim if she had her personal training certificate. Why yes she does, she just got it. Turns out Mrs. Chaffin’s husband ran his own personal training business and needed help. Kim signed on. Six months later Mr. Chaffin decided he was going to give the business to my wife and help out his brother-in-law in a production company. Kim took over and renamed it 5k’s Healthy Ways. Five months after that Lily sung in front of the main worship center  and  her parents just happened to be sitting beside us and I told them how amazing Lily was. Her mom Katie said you should tell her that because she is thinking about quitting, doesn’t think she is good. I was listening to God now so I told her and we connected and I gave her this song. Nine months later Lily went to college. I was fine with waiting, it’s already been five years. All in God’s time.  Lily decided to come back home over winter break and we talked and started to get the ball rolling, but we didn’t have anyone to write music and produce for us. Then Kim said, you know Mr. Chaffin went to producing with his brother-in-law. I reached out to Mr. Chaffin and he connected me to Ceylon Wise of too wise productions and here we are. Sorry a long paragraph but see how God has worked over five years putting all these pieces in place.  It is amazing.

We also need help with donations to finish the ep or cd. Each song is around $500. I paid for this song to be done and we have $200 in donations so far. That leaves $1800 to finish 5 songs. It seems like a lot but that is only $10 for 180 people. (and you get a copy of the cd when it is done).

Ask anyone that knows me and I am not one to ask for help or to owe anyone. I am really out of my comfort zone, all this is out of my comfort zone, by asking for help but God has brought me this far. I trust He will do the rest. I could get it done by putting on credit card but maybe this is God reaching out to some of you. Maybe the call isn’t for you to donate but to share with someone that could. Beats me, however the song moves you and God asks you to move I just pray we listen.

Let me know what you think. Do you like it? Not like it? Think you could hear it on the radio? Think it will move people that hear it?  This is my first attempt at a video also so…Feel free to share it.

Also if you like my blogs, please hit the follow button and follow me. I am not sure how all this social media works but maybe the more followers I get, the more word gets out and more people will read and be moved by God.

I Question You by Lily Messer, lyrics by me.

One thought on “I Question You

  1. Becky Medley

    Loved reading about the journey God has you on! This is the second time I’ve listened to this song and I love it! Keep honoring Him by listening, waiting when He says wait, and moving when He says move, then listen some more. God will do all the rest!

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