Why I Write

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How can a man named Dr. Seuss

Write books with words that have no use

Made up words like wumbus and yuzz -am-tuzz

A cat could bark, a bee could meow and a dog could buzz

He can write about a Grinch who stole Christmas

And teach what Christmas should mean to each of us

I could write all day about fizzlepops and gobblygooks

And maybe sell a hundred or even a million books

That would be nice, I can not lie

But that is not the reason I write

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In the stories I choose to tell

I write about heaven and hell

I write of angels and demons

And things I believe in

I write stories that are short and stories that are long

I write poems and, sometimes, put my words in a song

I write about marriage and divorce

I write about the good and things that are worse

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I write about abuse and suicide

I write of God’s truth and the devil’s lies

I write about the darkness of this world and the evil that’s done

I write about good news, love, Jesus and how to overcome

I write things that are personal and true

I write things that I hope will help you

I bare my soul for all to see

Knowing some comments might hurt me

I write what words God puts in my head

They go to the world and I pray they are read

I’ve written nine stories on birds who teach love instead of hate

I’ve written about pebbles, flowers, squirrels, and a disabled fish

I’ve written of a hermit crab and a raccoon who only has one wish

That you get to know him for who he is inside

And that we all wear masks as a thin disguise

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I would like the words I tell

To be published and have lots of sells

That would be really nice

But that’s not the reason I write

I don’t write for fortune or fame

I don’t write for everyone to know my name

I only write to hopefully be a light

To teach how it’s hard to always do what’s right

That even in the darkest night we must continue to love

When the world drags us down we must always rise above

So it’s okay if I never make a dime

Or not sell one story, not even one time

As long as I have given hope to someone in need

As long as I have told what God has done for you and me

As long as I can shine a light on someone’s darkest night

It’ll all be worth it if these words saved just one life

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