What Version Of Me

What version of me

Will I let you see

The one who can smile through the pain

The one who dances in the rain

The one who keeps it all inside

The one who can’t find a safe place to hide

The one who screams at God to take it all away

The one that says yes God today is the day

The one who would take a bullet for you

The one who will walk away, find someone new

The one who has a million voices in his head

The one who will only listen to the one who bled

The one who has fears and doubts

The one who has life figured out

Tell me what version  you want to see

Does anyone want to know the real me

The hurt I feel, the anger locked away

The one who wonders who will listen to what I have to say

The one who says this one’s pretty good, maybe  they’ll like

The one whose voices in his head are always in a fight

The one who only knows how to pray

The one who says forget about it, live for another day

The one who loves with all his heart

The one who won’t let you know he fell apart

The one who wears the mask

The one whose real face won’t last

So tell me, what version do you want to see today

I can be that person if that’s the only way


Should I just be me?

I Can Just Be Me by Laura Story –  

I Don’t Want To Be by Gavin Degraw – 

Do You Wanna Know by Kesha – 

Well, I was in an Art Of Dying kind of mood today.

Raining by Art of Dying – 

Best I Can by Art of Dying – 

Tear Down The Wall by Art of Dying – 

Best I Can by Decyfer Down – 

Best I Am by Flaw – 


Whataya Want From Me by Adam Lambert – 

Monster You Made by Pop Evil – 

Who Am I by Casting Crowns –