The Turkey

The Aztecs of Mexico domesticated the Mexican subspecies of the wild turkey (called guajolotes). Spanish explorers took some of these back to Europe in the mid-16th Century where they became common farmyard animals. These domestic turkeys eventually completed the circuit and came back to North American turkey farms from Europe.:

This is a story about a turkey. However, this was not an ordinary turkey. This turkey did not want to be a turkey. He wanted to be an eagle.

He often thought to himself, “self, I do not like myself. Self, this is one boring life I live.”  Day after day he would trot around the yard with all his turkey friends gobbling gobbling and gobbling. He would eat all the food that was given to him and he would watch himself getting fatter and fatter.

He would look to the sky and see the eagles flying around. Soaring above the trees. “So beautiful,” he thought. “I want to be like that. I want to be majestic. I want to be  an icon. I want people to look at me with awe. I want to be a national symbol and for people to look at with me with thanksgiving in their hearts.”

Majestic bald eagle over the Des Moines RIver in Iowa:

As much as he flapped his wings he could not get off the ground. It wasn’t that he did not practice, because he did. Some days that was all he did. He would run around the yard flapping his wings, never to get more than a foot or so off the ground. “God, why would you give me wings but not let me fly very well? Why would you let me see the eagles soar but not let me join them?”

Many of his less ambitious friends would talk behind his back. “Who does he think he is?”  “Look at that fool trying to fly like an eagle!” “Doesn’t he realize he will never be anything other than what he is?”

Many days and months passed by and nothing ever changed for the turkey. Every day it was the same thing. Wake up, eat, walk around the yard, eat, try to fly.  Every day he would ask the same questions. “Why God why? I want to be more than this. I want people to look at me in awe and be thankful that I am here. I want people to love me.”

Soon the weather started to get colder. Many days people would come and grab some of his friends and he would never see them again. The turkey continued to eat and grew bigger and bigger. One day a family came and walked around the yard looking for the perfect turkey. They found one in the turkey of our story.

The father looked at his family and said, “This turkey is beautiful. He will be the perfect symbol for our thanksgiving dinner  .”  The little girl looked at the turkey and said “I love you turkey. You are so beautiful.”

The turkey gobbled and gobbled. He was so happy. “Finally,” he thought, ” I am being appreciated. I may not be flying like an eagle yet but at least people are seeing me as special.”

The turkey was taken to the family’s home where he was promptly killed and cooked for dinner. Before they ate the family prayed. “Thank you God for this wonderful meal. Especially this beautiful turkey. We will forever remember this turkey in our hearts on this national holiday.”

List of 25 Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes - Photo Gallery | SAVEUR. I don't have a Turkey board so I am placing these under the Chicken one:

You see, God gave the turkey everything he asked for. He was looked at with awe and beauty. He was a national symbol. The people gave thanks from their hearts  for the turkey. He was made exactly how God wanted him to be and exactly how he wanted to be seen. He just didn’t realize that who he was was exactly who he wanted to be.

What do you ask God for? Have you ever asked for a pure heart? Have you ever asked God to show you the way to be more like Him? Or are all of your asks and wants more about you? Have you ever thanked God for who you are, for who He made you to be?

More Alive by Pillar – 

All I Need To Be by Fireflight – 

This Is Who I Am by Shane and Shane – 

God Follower by Steven Curtis Chapman – 

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I’m Not Superman


I wrote these lyrics when I was going through a difficult time. Everyone seemed to be telling me to just forget it, it won’t happen again, why can’t you just drop it etc etc.  Even though I was doing my best, things would still happen and remind me and everything would come up again. It was like I was watching a scary movie and every time I got past the part that made me jump, someone would hit rewind.

It also reminds me of this time of year. As you know I am an introvert and this time of year always makes me anxious. I get thrown out of my routines. Christmas parties and Christmas shopping and the crowds of people and just the busyness of the season gets to me. I am trying to do better at just taking a few deep breaths and remember the real reason for the season, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was born. It was just a few years ago I couldn’t have said that. I am a work in progress, one that I know will always have improvements to make.

Anyway, here are the lyrics. If anyone wants to put music to it and make it a song, feel free to contact me to collaborate.

I’m Not Superman

You made me who I am

They think I’m superman


These feelings I conceal

I don’t know how to feel

They say I am strong, that I am strong

I hide my thoughts that I don’t belong, don’t belong


Honestly I have to say I am a mess

This is the truth I must confess

I can’t speak but inside I’m screaming

Truth is I’m not even breathing


I carry these burdens on my own

My heart is always a stone

I can’t let them see, they can’t see

I’m not who You want me to be


If I let it go, if I forgive, can I forgive

If I surrender can I learn how to live

If I let it go am I weak

I try to ask but I can’t speak


Trying to be who God made me to be

Their words are killing me

They can’t seem to understand

I’m not superman, I’m not superman


You made me who I am

They think I’m superman


I pray to live my life for you

Do they see you in all I do

They just don’t understand

I just can’t be superman


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