The Unifiers

When I was younger, I wanted to be a superhero. I wanted to fly like Superman. I wanted to have spidey sense like Spider-Man. I wanted to be able to heal like Captain America. I wanted to be like the Hulk for strength. I wanted to be like Waverider and have immortality and invisibility.

Or to be like Batman and have a cool car and weapons. Or like Ironman and have a powerful suit that could do just about anything. Or to have a magic ring like Green Lantern.

What’s my point, you ask? I don’t know except that I always felt like I was destined to be something more than I am. Maybe it’s me wishing people would notice me. Maybe I am wishing for too much.

But here I am. Much older than when I dreamed of being a superhero. In fact, much older than I remember dreaming at all. Life gets busy, time seems to become less, twenty four hours now seems like twenty. Do they have a superhero that has power to stop time? The Flash, yes, I could be fast and slow down time.

But unless I get bit by a spider or struck by lightning or some other strange mutant thing happens, I will have to still be me.

Then, the other day, the older me was thinking. I can be a superhero and I don’t need any super powers or cool suits or cars to be a superhero.

All I have to be is more human. Be more kind. Be more helpful. Be more forgiving. Be more courageous. Be more ethical and moral. Be more responsible and respectful. Be more tolerant. Give more than I take.

Let my words build people up instead of tearing them down.

I can be the Unifier.

But you also can be the Unifier.

Yes, I can do all of those things.

We all can do all of those things.

Yes, we can all work together and together we can be the Unifiers.

Let’s be one. All of us together as one to make this world a better place. Let’s stop tearing each other apart and let all of us become one, become the Unifiers.

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We Said We Wouldn’t Forget

The 9/11 Quotes That We'll Never Forget in 2020 | 911 quotes, September 11  quotes, Forgotten quotes

We said we wouldn’t forget

The horrific images forever etched

Two planes flown into the towers

Evil had awakened the American power

Across the nation we displayed our flags

Every store sold out of all they had

Church of God of Prophecy, 5608 Bartonsville Rd, Frederick, MD (2020)

Every town all across the land

We stood together, hand in hand

We stared in disbelief, we mourned

Years later we told those that weren’t born

Somewhere along the way we have forgotten

Instead of love, we hate more often

I stare at the news, angry and sad

When I watch them burning the flag

When they throw them on the ground

And I think I wish they could hear the sound

When those towers fell

The fire, gas, dust smell

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I wish they could remember flight 93

“Let’s roll,” sacrificing their lives for you and me

I wish they remembered flight 77

189 lives lost when that plane became a weapon

2977 lives lost overall

But America stood tall

We stood together, we chanted USA USA USA

But 19 years later we have somehow gone astray

I pray on this day we can come together again

When we take a moment of silence to remember when

I beg of you on this Patriot Day

When we watch those images replay

To remember what this nation can be

When we are united from sea to shining sea

Take a moment to remember, to reset


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