I Tried To Hold A Cloud

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I tried to hold a cloud

I thought I could, I had no doubt

At first it was quite frightening

All the times I was struck by lightning

And how could I ever forget

All the times I ended up wet

And how it’s boundaries always would shift

And how through the sky it would drift

But I remember all the good days

All the times I rested in it’s shade

How I missed it in the heat of the sun

Often wondering where it had gone

The games we would play

As I tried to guess it’s shape

But I gave it my heart

Knowing it could be ripped apart

One day it met me on the ground

I felt it wrap it’s arms around

The sun came out and it said goodbye

It told me to be thankful for our time

But I was sad because it left me alone

Looking for it, the skies I roamed

Sometimes I would feel it when the rains would pour

But I knew it was gone and our love no more

I screamed and I yelled

Looking to find the cloud I held

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