If I Were An Island


If I were an island

In the Caribbean Sea

Would you come hold my hand?

Would you visit me ?

If I were a mountain

How high would you climb?

If the winds were poundin’

Would you keep looking if you ran out of time?

If I were an ocean

If the waves would turn and toss

How deep is your devotion?

Would you still sail across?

If I were a desert

If the sun was beating down

Would you walk until you hurt ?

How far would you go for me to be found?

If I were the sky

Would you say there’s not a chance?

Or would you learn to fly?

Overcome the circumstance

If I asked you to take my place

Could you ignore all the chaos?

Would you give me the same grace?

If it were you instead of Me on that cross

Would you crawl, walk, run?

How far would you go, what would you do?

Do you understand what I’ve done?

Do you not realize how much I love you?

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