New, forgotten, unknown 10/9/15 – New Music Friday

A few more musician followers this week.  I hope my sharing your music will get word out about your music. Please take time to listen/share/purchase the song I wrote with the wonderful Lily Messer and Ceylon Wise at the bottom of this page.  Thank for the follows.

Send An Angel by Becky Kelly – 

Becky also has a new song out, check it out here:  also check out her Christmas song Where’s The Line To See Jesus – one of my favorite Christmas songs.

I’m Yours by Becky Kelly – ♫ I’m Yours – Becky Kelley. Listen @cdbaby

Take Me To Hollywood by Ashley Krouse – 

The Right Road by Capturing Souls – 

Not War by Casey Conroy – 

Some new music I listened to this week from some non-followers.

One Way To Live by Clint Black – 

I Am by Leona Lewis – 

I Ain’t The Girl by Lindi Ortega – 

I Don’t Like Who I Was Then by The Wonder Years –  

I Rise by Etana – 

I Will Go by Big Daddy Weave – 

Pass The Ammo by Moonshine Bandits (Crucifix) – 

Hunter by Du Blonde – 

Make Them Gold by Chvrches – 

Lose It All By Brett Eldredge – 

Question Everything by Five Finger Death Punch – 

Lombardi Avenue by Katie Dahl – 

and our song:

I Question You by Lily Messer – 

Now on i tunes :