Rants and Raves

What a difference a year makes. Last year I was done Christmas shopping at this time, this year I have not started.

Here are some pics from November 17, 2014 : cold and 5 inches of snow.


versus Novemeber 17, 2015 :  60 degrees and running outside in shorts and t-shirt,  at least I did. Wife was cold and ran with jacket.


Who knows what next year will bring. Maybe I will still be writing these posts, maybe I won’t. Maybe I will be running full strength (Marathon, 1/2 Marathon races), maybe I won’t. Maybe I will be alive, maybe I won’t. I do not know the future, only God does so whatever He has in store for me, I will be along for the ride.

I am thankful for the warm weather we have had for so long this fall. However, I recognize the destruction El Nino is causing with floods in the south and droughts around the world. Billions of dollars in damage world wide.


You have seen pics of me on here.

Do I look obese to you? We had to renew our life insurance policies and because life insurance companies determine your risks by BMI, which is a joke, I am considered obese and have to pay higher rates. I am 6′ 220 lbs. Here is a pic of Adrian Peterson, running back for Minnesota Vikings who is 6’1″ 220 lbs.  (Yes I know I don’t look like that but he is someone that would also have to pay higher rates for life insurance based on BMI. )  BMI does not provide actual information on body composition (i.e. the proportions of muscle, bone, fat, and other tissues that make up a person’s total body weight), and may not be the most appropriate indicator to determine health status for certain groups of people, yet that is what insurance companies use for everyone.

(photo credit Muscle & Fitness Magazine)

For me to be the “ideal weight” for my height I am told to weigh 180 lbs for BMI. I would be so skinny, and I would not have much muscle on me. I weighed myself on our Iron Man scale and of my 220 lbs, 182 of it is muscle, but yet I am obese. In reality, I would probably be not as healthy as I am now but I could pay lower insurance rates. Something needs to be changed in the insurance game.


Watched this documentary this past weekend. Batkid Begins. It brought a tear to my eye because of all the people that came out to support him. It lets me think we do have some humanity in us yet. Make a Wish Foundation is a great organization that helps children experience a wish that they want.


Are Buckeye fans, myself included, the only fans that are disappointed being 10-0?  Guess when you aren’t winning by 50….


One last thought, I am not usually political and I pray for the victims of Paris, and all the other terrorists attacks our world has seen. Remember not all Muslims are bad or good. Not all Americans are bad or good. Not all Jews are bad or good. Not all…. you get the point.


Take care and God bless.

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