Kayhla Is A Buckeye For Life

Well, I am only almost four weeks late in writing this, but on May 5th, my daughter graduated from The Ohio State University.

She always said she would not go to Ohio State because that is where I graduated from, but, thankfully,  she came to her senses.  Now she is a part of Buckeye Nation for life.

I have to be honest and say I wasn’t sure if she would finish her education. After going to Ohio State for almost two years, she married and moved to Virginia and I did not think she would stick with it. But she took online classes and then moved back to Ohio. For the last year and a half she drove 90 minutes one way to go to classes and she did it.

She majored in psychology, probably to try and figure me out, and received a job offer in her field. She will be working with children with autism.

Congratulations Kayhla, I am so proud of you and I love you.

We Are Buckeyes by Joseph Allen White –

The Tradition by   –

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