Dear God (A Prayer From Hell) 

~"Yea, the darkness hideth not from thee; but the night shineth as the day: the darkness and the light are both alike to thee."-Psalm 139:12:


Dear God, I am not sure how to do this because I have never done it before, as you probably know. I will make this short because I know I don’t have much time. If Satan finds me on my knees praying to you I will be sent to the next circle of hell. I don’t know if you hear prayers from hell but here I am on my knees.

I know the way I lived my life was my choice. I know I lived for me and me only. I know I didn’t love like I should’ve. I know I didn’t give like I could’ve.  It was all about looking out for number one, me.

I know I had many people who tried to tell me about you and that I didn’t listen. I didn’t need you. My life was going exactly the way I wanted it to. Well, looking back, maybe not so much. I did have the job I wanted, all the money I could ever spend and the biggest house in the richest neighborhood.  I was also divorced four times. I ran through women like a kid runs through a candy store. Speaking of kids, I had three. Well, I still have three but they quit talking to me a long time ago.

I didn’t believe in you. I didn’t believe in hell either but here I am. I guess what I am asking for is another chance. You know maybe you and the devil can do a role reversal of Job.  You let the devil test Job to prove his heart was true to you.  Maybe you can make a deal with the devil to let you test me to see if I will stay true to the devil.

This is no place to be. Maybe you could just ask the devil to let me come back for a month, a week, even just an hour. Just enough time for me to tell people that I now know the truth. I know a lot of people that are heading here if they don’t change.  I know I squandered my opportunity when I was alive but I pray that you can give me one more chance to change.

One more chance to learn more about you. One more chance to live my life for you and not for me. One more chance for me to love and not hate. One more chance for me to give and not take.  One more chance to save someone’s life. One more chance to show my kids how much they truly mean to me. One more chance for me to say I am sorry.

God, I pray that somehow, some way you can give me a miracle. I know I don’t deserve it but I know you are the God of second chances.

Thank you for listening. I pray that you can hear my prayer from hell.


It doesn’t matter where your hell is, it could be right in your own home. Only God can get you out of it. Whatever hell you are in there is nothing you have done or no place you can go that God can’t reach you.

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