New, Forgotten, Unknown 11/18/16 New Music Friday

Only one day late. Yeah!

One new musician followers this week.  Take a listen, find some new music to listen to.  Please feel free to share/purchase the song I wrote the lyrics to,  Lily Messer is the voice and Ceylon Wise is the producer. I have many more songs I would like to get out there but can not financially afford to record them. If interested in teaming up together, feel free to contact me.

Thanks for all the follows, musicians and non-musicians.

Made The Change by Bauer – 

Some other music from non-followers I have listened to recently.  Pick out a few you haven’t heard and take a listen.

His Name Shall Be by Matt Redman
Help From Heaven by Matt Redman
Hearts Waiting (Joy To The World) by Matt Redman
Glory Hallelujah by Matt Redman
The Name Of Emmanuel by Matt Redman                                                                                        How Far by Matt Redman – 

Unto Us by Matthew West
Join The Angels by Matthew West  – 
Loving You’s A Dirty Job (But Somebody’s Gotta Do It) by Meat Loaf                           Souvenirs by Meat Loaf  – 

God Only Knows by Michael Bublé

I Believe in You by Michael Bublé   – 
Who Am I by Michael Sweet
One Way Up by Michael Sweet                                                                                                                One Sided War by Michael Sweet –  

Knuckles by Moose Blood
Glow by Moose Blood
Shimmer by Moose Blood
Spring by Moose Blood
Freckle by Moose Blood                                                                                                                        Honey by Moose Blood – 
Tryin by No Sinner                                                                                                                                   Lines On The Highway by No Sinner  – 
Carry On by Norah Jones –  

Rest In You Tonight by The Oak Ridge Boys – 

She Would Look For Me by Okkervil River                                                                                 Okkervil River R.I.P. By Okkervil River  –

Let’s Hurt Tonight by OneRepublic
Kids by OneRepublic
Choke by OneRepublic
Born by OneRepublic
Human by OneRepublic
Lift Me Up by OneRepublic
Wherever I Go by OneRepublic
Heaven by OneRepublic                                                                                                                       Future Looks Good by OneRepublic – 
Back To The River by The Pretty Reckless
Already Dead by The Pretty Reckless                                                                                                  Who You Selling For by The Pretty Reckless – 
Bleeding Heart by Regina Spektor
The Light by Regina Spektor
Sellers Of Flowers by Regina Spektor                                                                                                   The Visit by Regina Spektor – 

Keep Singing by Rick Astley
Wish Away by Rick Astley
Pieces byRick Astley
Dance by Rick Astley
I Like The Sun by Rick Astley
Somebody Loves Me by Rick Astley
Let It Rain by Rick Astley
Let It Be Tonight by Rick Astley
A Letter by Rick Astley                                                                                                                         Angels On My Side by Rick Astley – 

Hard to Believe by The Roosevelts
This Is Life by The Roosevelts
Ashes (Featuring Patricia Lynn) by The Roosevelts
Go Down Easy by The Roosevelts
Tell Only Lies by The Roosevelts
Runaround by The  Roosevelts
Take Me Home by The Roosevelts                                                                                                    You’re Not Alone by The Roosevelts – 
Mountains (Love Won’t Burn My Heart) by Savoir Adore
Crowded Streets by Savoir Adore
Other Worlds by Savoir Adore                                                                                                            Giants by Savoir Adore- 

Waves by St. Paul & The Broken Bones – 
Fences by Taking Back Sunday
Holy Water by Taking Back Sunday
Homecoming by Taking Back Sunday                                                                                                   You Can’t Look Back by Taking Back Sunday –  
Kid Sister by The Time Jumpers                                                                                                                    I Miss You by The Time Jumpers  – 
LUV by Tory Lanez – 
Hurt Is Gone by Yellowcard
A Place We Set Afire by Yellowcard
Leave A Light On by Yellowcard
Empty Street by Yellowcard
Savior’s Robes by Yellowcard
Fields & Fences by Yellowcard                                                                                                               Rest In Peace by Yellowcard- 


and our song:

I Question You by Lily Messer – 

On Itunes :



5 thoughts on “New, Forgotten, Unknown 11/18/16 New Music Friday

  1. marijo1245

    I have WiFi!! What a treat for me to listen to every single song today!! At least I know what day it is today. This is a lot of work, thanks for taking the time to select awesome music!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. marijo1245

        I like the new format. I like knowing what other songs are by the artist.

        I also like this song by Michael Buble…I would have never listened in a million years, but today I did. Since it’s not one song with one video, I know there is more that I will like! See how this works!

        Good show! I dig!

        Liked by 1 person

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