Dear God, We Are Worth Saving

Dear God,

I look around at this world you created and I can’t help but shake my head. We deplete the world of animals and natural resources. Gone, extinct, never to be seen again. All so that we can have what we want when we want it. Then, at least in America, we throw away, also known as waste, half of the food we have.

Another mass shooting. 353 of them in America alone this year. Why God? Do they  think they will be famous? Live in notoriety? Do they think their name will live forever? Yes it’s all over the news for a few weeks but then it’s easily forgotten. We have gotten so used to it we are desensitized from it. Why don’t we talk more about the victims God?  If the news never mentioned the killers but talked about the lives lost maybe they won’t kill.

Another drunk driver, another death caused by texting while driving, another person stealing from the elderly, another this, another that. God, there is  always something happening that is discouraging. There has to be a point where you just say you have had enough and wipe us out like in Noah’s days.

I know I have doubted myself, am I even worth saving? Am I worth the price you paid God? Then I remember that you don’t make mistakes so you must think I am worth dying for, I am worth saving.

God, we are worth saving. I know you already think that because you sent your son to die for us. You let Him die for us because you know we are worth saving. Let me give you a few examples of why we are worth saving.

Johnnie Hodges, a WWII veteran was evicted from his home that he lived in sixty years because he fell behind on his payments due to his late wife’s hospital bills. Greg Elwood, a complete stranger set up a Go Fund Me account and over 5 months more than 2,000 people donated and raised $110,000 so he could get his home back.

Natalie Conkel from San Lorenzo, California is celebrating this Christmas as her first without her husband, who passed away. Someone stole her Christmas light machine that projected green and red lights on her house. Her neighbors surprised her by donating decorations and decorating her house.

In Anaheim California a homeless woman entered a Raising Cane’s restaurant asking everyone for any leftovers they may have. Carmen Mendez made a simple gesture and  bought her a meal.

George Dimopoulos, from Northville, Michigan, owns George’s Senate Coney Island restaurant. Every Thanksgiving he opens his doors to anyone who is alone, homeless or whatever can come to his restaurant and get a free meal. He does this because he believes in you God and believes he should help the least of these.

Muslim families have bonded together and have so far raised $57,000 for the victims of the San Bernardino tragedy. Muslims also raised $100,000 to help rebuild the black churches burnt down this past summer in the south. God, we keep hearing about the killers and how they were Muslim but how come this isn’t on the news?


The city of Houston Texas has provided 4,114 homeless veterans and their families with permanent housing. By the way New Orleans, Louisiana has eliminated veteran homelessness by doing the same. The states of Utah, Connecticut and Virginia have all done the same. The entire states, God. How come I haven’t heard about this?

Kay Brown, from New York City, was riding the subway home and saw a homeless woman get on the train with no shoes. She gave her the shoes right off her own feet.

God, I know you know us better than we do but I just wanted to have it on the record that we are worth saving. There is a lot of good in this world. There are a lot of good people in this world God. I know one day you will come back and we will all have to account for what we have done here. On that day you will save all the ones that have done your work here on earth. On that day God, we will know who was worth saving. Until then, thank you for giving all of us that chance.

Don’t Let Go by Josh Wilson – 

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Jesus Saves by Jeremy Camp – 

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9 thoughts on “Dear God, We Are Worth Saving

  1. Beautiful. You raise a good point… if the media focused more on good as opposed to evil, wouldn’t people try to become “newsworthy” by doing good? Evil doesn’t deserve to be even acknowledged, let alone named. I don’t understand why they can’t grasp that concept. Thanks for the focus on the positive. The world definitely needs more of that.

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      1. I know you’re right. I have my joy even when the evil makes me sad. I know its days are numbered. I get vexed about the state of things at times. Sometimes the devil throws so much my way, I think I’ll drown but Jesus doesn’t let that happen. My joy brings me bobbing back up to the surface!

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