New, forgotten, unknown 10/16/15 – New Music Friday

Don’t know what happened this week but have a lot more musician followers than normal. I appreciate the non-musician followers as well, I just can’t show my appreciation by sharing your words as easily. I hope my sharing your music will get word out about your music. Please take time to listen/share/purchase the song I wrote with the wonderful Lily Messer and Ceylon Wise at the bottom of this page.  Thank for the follows.

Since I had so many followers songs to get on here, I will post a non-followers that I have been listening to tomorrow. Have a great friday.

Its Alright Its OK by Yung  Saintz – 

I’ve Lived by County Road 440 (Lance Grantham)- 

Hey Time by The Springs – 

Speechless by Leah West – 

Next Ex by Lily Nelsen – 

Go For A Ride by The Moonshiners ( Russ Still) –

Let’s Ride by Amanda J0 –

Least Of These by Unashamed – 

Heart Open Wide by Justin Graves – 

Relevant Letters by BruisedButNotBroken (Matt Bentley) – 

Midnight Muddin by Maggie Baugh –  

Kissing Booth by Van De Rocker – 

Believe That by Louy Fierce – 

Rescue by Cassandra Joy – 

Same Old Love by Beladonna ( Selena Gomez cover) – 

and our song:

I Question You by Lily Messer – 

Now on i tunes :

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