New, forgotten, unknown 9/25/15 – New Music Friday

Some more amazing musician followers this week.  I hope my sharing your music will get word out about your music. Please take time to listen/share/purchase the song I wrote with the wonderful Lily Messer and Ceylon Wise at the bottom of this page.  Thank for the follows.

Speak by Foreverlin –  

Forever In Pursuit by Ricki George Project – 

How ‘Bout We Do That Tonight by Sim Balkey – 

Memories Don’t by Emily Shackelton – 

Flowers Fade by Jesus Army – 

Thank You by Jesus Army –  I used this for another post but wanted to put it here because I really love this song  

The Light by Pedro Costa – 

Some non-follower musicians this week that I listened to :

Yellow Boxes by Tyler Ward – 

Glow In The Dark by Jason Gray – 

Who Taught You How To Hate by Disturbed – 

Ashes of Eden by Breaking Benjamin – 

Bronco by Canaan Smith – 

You Want A Battle (Here’s A War) by Bullet For My Valentine – 

Unhappy by Jordin Sparks feat. Elijah Blake  – 

Your Night by ConFunkShun – 

Hold My Hand by Jess Glynn – 

What’s Not To Love by Native Run – 

Love Will Conquor by Aaron Watkins – 

While I Was Away by Pat Green – 

and our song:

I Question You by Lily Messer – 

Now on i tunes :

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